“One cannot find that for which they do not look. The cells don’t lie. As you saw from my colleagues, the spike protein is present throughout all tissues of the body. That is not meant to be. Human cells are made to make human proteins, not to make toxins. So, to inject a gene-based product into the body, and make your cells the factory for a toxin is psychologically insane. What we need to demand is the ICD 10, the diagnostic codes, in all databases in every country in the EU, in the United States, in all countries of the world. Those should be updated weekly. These numbers are available and yet we have a lag in reporting of easily accessible data. Every doctor that sees a patient puts a code after a visit. Every pathologist that sees a slide, puts a code after a diagnosis. These data are available in the data sets of every country that uses the international data codes. Easy as that. All this data should be transparent and available. It should not be hidden.

So, really quickly. Cancer mechanisms. Gene mutations. Can the spike protein do that? You bet it can. Hypoxic environment from clotting? You bet it can. Reactivation of latent viruses. Does spike protein do that? You bet it can. Low interferon – interferon is critical in fighting off cancers. Does spike protein do that? You bet it does. Decrease in cell mitochondrial energy because of destruction of mitochondria studies out of Salk Institute. You bet the spike protein does that. Loss of immune surveillance and suppression of your immune system? You bet it does. Fragmented micro mRNAs from impure vials. You bet. Hormonal dysregulation. You bet. Tell-like receptor alterations that are necessary for keeping cancer in check. Does the spike protein do that? You bet it does. Is there an S40 cancer virus promoter region within the Pfizer vials? Yes, there is. All of these are mechanisms the spike protein can cause. So, why would we inject people with something that makes a spike protein that can do all these things that can lead to cancer mechanisms? Good question.

Now, does the spike protein go away quickly? No. Does the mRNA go away quickly? No. This study by Dr. Roltgen out of Stanford, show that the body hangs on the synthetic mRNA for at least 60 days and makes spike during that whole period of time. Not in everybody. But in this study for at least 60 days the body still had mRNA and was still making spike protein that does all those mechanisms that I just showed you.”

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