Dr Ryan Cole about Covid-19 vaccines at the International Covid Summit III at the European Parliament (part one)

On May 3, 2023, there was the International COVID Summit III at the European Parliament in Brussels. Here is a speech by Dr. Ryan Cole, a doctor from Idaho, dropping some truth bomb shells. How come we do not hear anything of this in the mainstream media, especially our local one, and how come the European Parliament has not yet come out and apologized to the world for being part and parcel of the plandemic?

But no! Instead, the media is quick to report, in a recent article dated this month, that the medical license of Dr Cole was restricted by Washington regulators, after being accused of spreading COVID-19 disinformation. He is thus restricted from practicing primary care medicine and from prescribing medications for patients in Washington for five years, while his medical practice in Washington is now limited to the practice of pathology.  How do you know that the truth is being silenced? When those few doctors who do speak the truth are silenced, censored, and punished.

“We’ve seen the loss and death of informed consent around the world. How many people were told of all the harms to the brain, to the heart, to the reproductive organs prior to getting these injections? I would posit that none have. And I think that’s the problem with which we’re faced. And, you know, if a therapy is effective, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t safe. And obviously we can hound the world with all the data in the world, but if people don’t listen, it doesn’t matter. [Are my slides up, or are they still loading, Robbie? Okay, they’re coming. Okay.]

I know a lot of people have injection regrets. They were hoping not to get this, but because they wanted to travel or because they were coerced into thinking that these investigational, biological products were actually vaccines, and as you can see from all the data we’ve received today, they most certainly weren’t. We’ve seen the death of public health. Vitamin D was ignored. We have a vitamin D deficiency pandemic around the world that could have allayed and prevented much of the harm that we did see. We have an obesity pandemic around the world. We have sick care systems around the world, not healthcare systems. And probably the biggest death we’ve seen around the world in the last is the death of curiosity and the death of critical thinking.

And the laws around the world are irrelevant if there’s no will to enforce the laws and the regulations that are on the books. So, we’ve also seen much corruption happen all over a little virus that was no worse than a flu.

I’m going to start by showing you an excessive list of studies showing the mutagenicity of these shots. Oh, wait a minute! I’m not. Because there isn’t an excessive list of the carcinogenicity and mutagenicity studies. I’ll show you all the ones from Pfizer, right now. Oh no, I won’t. I’ll show the long list of the ones from Mod – no, I won’t. Okay, I’ll show you the mutagenic and carcinogenic studies from AstraZeneca and J&J. No, I won’t, because the studies weren’t done, they don’t exist. I always start my talk like this. The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read. And it seems that much of the medical profession and much of politics around the world is suffering this problem of illiteracy. And of course, all scientists and doctors agree when you censor the ones who don’t.”

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