“Does the spike protein bind to the p53 family of genes? Yes, it does. The P53 is the guardian of your genome. And if that becomes dysregulated, guess what can happen? Cancer pathways ensue. It also binds to the BRACA gene, which is responsible for breast and ovarian cancer. And that’s the guardian of your genome. And if that goes awry, all cancer pathways can open up.

This I borrowed from my colleague Dr. Burkhart, with his permission. This is, all those blue cells are a lymphoma of the stomach. And what’s fascinating is all the brown dots here, that is spike protein in every one of those cancer cells. These are studies that should have been done before one needle went in one human arm anywhere in the world. None of these were done.

This is one from my laboratory. This is a pancreatic adenocarcinoma. See all the pink dots that should not be there? That is spike protein in each one of those cancer cells. Did we stain, like Dr. Burkhart did, to make sure that it wasn’t a virus that was making the spike protein? We ruled out the other proteins from the virus. Yes, we did. This is post-vaccinal. And this patient who thought she was doing the right thing because her doctor, without giving her informed consent, talked her into receiving a shot and now she only has a few months to live. For a virus to which she was at very little to no risk.

What about the vials? Well, the European Medicines Agency in documents showed that the purity of that mRNA was only 50%. What does that mean? There is a lot of micro RNA in these vials that isn’t coding for spike protein, may not code at all, but may code for other proteins. Same thing in Australia. The vials weren’t pure. So, instead what did the agency do? They just dropped the standard and said, okay, 50% is okay now. That’s not what we do with medical drugs or therapeutic products at all. And here we have from Comirnaty cell studies that these cell cultures are making a protein that’s supposed to weigh 141 kilodaltons. That’s what the spike weighs. Yet. they’re making something that weighs 190 and a 100. They’re making other proteins other than the spike protein. Are these carcinogenic? Maybe.”

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