Yesterday Moira Delia and other activists went to the rescue for a malnourished, undernourished, hungry, skin-and-bones female dog who has recently had puppies.

This is Moira Delia’s post:

The case revolves around mistreated dogs and puppies dumped in countryside which were left to fend for themselves to starve. Many people have done reports over a year ago and yet nothing was done!

I ask the readers to read carefully the last comment by Matthew Clark which states: “Moira Delia I have photos of this dog from a year ago. When I called AW for advice I was told ‘What do you expect us to do from Luqa?’ I was only asking for advice.”

In another footage Moira Delia explained that she was with the dog at Tas-Salib and that she was not going to leave the place until the dogs are captured. She added that Animal Welfare told her that there is a procedure. Can I ask what is this procedure which has now taken a year? Is there anybody in that ministry who can feel what being neglected and abused even for a day feels, let alone a year, for these poor dogs? Are there any known friends of friends by any chance?

Minister Anton Refalo and Alicia Bugeja Said, wake up and start doing something because it is clear that for you, animals, are the preferably unheard! You are not competent to feel the pain and act for these animals so make way for someone who hopefully is ready to stand up to be counted for helpless animals.

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