African bishops have spoken of a ‘shock wave’ that has caused the move by the Vatican to bless homosexual couples, a move that African bishops have rejected.

This was their reaction to the Vatican’s declaration, ‘Fiducia supplicans’, in which the Vatican proposed the blessing of homosexual couples, published on 18th December, 2023.

This emerges from a statement by the President of the All-African Bishops’ Council SECAM, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo, who concluded that “We, the African bishops, do not consider it appropriate to bless homosexual unions or couples of the same sex. Because in our context, this would cause confusion and be in direct contrast to the cultural norms of African societies.”

This was a reaction to the declaration “Fiducia supplicans” by the Vatican religious authority of December 18, 2023. The text recommended a blessing for same-sex couples and, at the same time, emphasized that confusion with the sacrament of marriage must be ruled out. How deceitful!

When the devil wants us to accept all that is not good, what does he do? He highlights the ostensible benefits of the wicked deed he wants us to commit while downplaying the elements that are inherently against God’s commands, in an attempt to convince us to sin. He knows that a normal person does not want evil per se, but rather that he typically does evil in the guise of good. This is why he does not say to us, “Sin and offend the Lord who died for you on the Cross.”

All those who are driven by the Truth and by the Truth alone, and all those who have read the document and were objective, know that the problem with the document was basically WHAT IT WAS NOT SAYING. The language of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is too subtle for ordinary people to understand.

My stand is clear. This is paving the way for that day when same-sex marriage is endorsed in and by the church. All those who are siding with the Vatican are just looking for ways to shut people up from talking and giving a warning!

As Archbishop Vigano said: “The delirious Declaration Fiducia Supplicans, recently published by the parody of the former Holy Office renamed the Dicastery, definitively pierces the veil of hypocrisy and deception of the Bergoglian Hierarchy, showing these false shepherds for what they really are: servants of Satan and his most zealous allies, beginning with the usurper who sits—an abomination of desolation—on the Throne of Peter. The very incipit of the document sounds, like all those issued by Bergoglio, mocking and deceptive: because trust in God’s forgiveness without repentance is called the presumption of salvation without merit and is a sin against the Holy Spirit….

….I exhort all those who have been awarded the dignity of Cardinal, my Brothers in the Episcopate, priests, clerics and faithful to oppose most firmly this mad race towards the abyss to which a sect of renegade apostates would like to force us. I implore the Bishops and Ministers of God – by the Most Holy Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ – not only to raise their voices to defend the immutable teaching of the Church and to condemn deviations and heresies, under whatever appearance they may appear; but also to warn the faithful and prevent these sacrilegious blessings in their Dioceses. The Lord will judge us on the basis of His holy Law, and not on the pharisaic seductions of those who serve the Enemy.”

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