A U.K. chemtrail operation is revealed by an anonymous airline pilot

All those who call ‘chemtrails’ another conspiracy theory, because each time something that is cognitively dissonant for them is automatically equivalent to a conspiracy theory, then it means that these people have chosen the matrix. Truly, when it comes to chemtrails, all one needs to do is look up, notice, analyze, and observe. He or she will surely be met with concrete answers.

Now here is an article I came across in which “in a recent interview with Drake Michigan host Ant Critchley, an anonymous airline pilot of 34 years spoke about a government chemtrail operation in the United Kingdom. He claims the operation imports transporter aircraft from the U.S. and utilizes multiple shell companies to profit from clandestine experiments in the skies”.

The rest of the article reads:

“The anonymous pilot has flown more than 26 different aircraft types and has worked for the military and on commercial airlines. He once considered chemtrails to be conspiracy theory, but recent experiences have changed his views.

After a detailed investigation, he claims the chemtrailing aircraft operate out of Newquay, Southampton, Stansted, Teesside, Prestwick and Liverpool airports, and spray chemtrails across Cornwall, a county in South West England, as well as the cities of London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester.

The anonymous pilot was first made aware of chemtrails years ago when a first officer brought the matter of geoengineering and weather modification to his attention. At the time, chemtrails sounded like conspiracy theory, but about three years ago, those theories became reality when he took a closer look into a low-flying plane that was leaving behind suspect trails that couldn’t scientifically be contrails. At a meeting with friends in the country, the pilot noticed lines in the sky that ran north to south. The lines were approximately 10 miles long, with 13 shorter two- or three-mile-long lines that traversed one another. The lines stayed for about 40 minutes, creating a squiggly grid of sorts.

The now suspicious pilot contacted one of his colleagues at the local airport. The colleague had access to a surveillance/tracking software called an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). This system relies on aircraft and airport vehicles to broadcast their identity, position and other relevant information from their onboard system. The pilot asked his colleague to identify a potential aeroplane that was flying over the airport at around 12,000 – 13,000 feet, while “doing squiggly lines.” The colleague could not confirm an aeroplane at that altitude, but did identify one at 10,000 feet. Confirming this elevation is important because it determines the difference between the formation of contrails and chemtrails.

Knowing the difference between a contrail and a chemical trail

Contrails, which are essentially just water vapor ice crystals, can only form at about 28,000 feet and at just the right humidity. For every one thousand feet of elevation, the temperature drops about 2 degrees Celsius. At about 37,000 feet, the temperature can be minus 63 degrees Celsius. At about 28,000 feet, the ice crystals form those long-lasting contrails that hover across the sky.

For contrails to form, the humidity of the air also plays a key role. “As the temperature decreases, the parcel of air is less able to hold water vapor [or] water moisture,” the pilot said. At 30,000 odd feet and flying in a dry parcel of air, “I can look in my rear-view camera and I see absolutely nothing coming out of the back of my engines,” the pilot said. “But then I can fly along … and get a little bit of turbulence, just for a split second, and I look at my temperature gauge and it was minus 63 and it’s now minus 64 … I now look back into my camera and I see that I’m contrailing.”

Chemical trails, on the other hand, are dispersed from transport planes at around 10,000 and 12,000 feet. If a plane is flying at this elevation, there should be no contrails or any visible sign of water vapor. However, the plane identified on that day was able to make suspicious grid patterns out of a substance that was coming from the plane, and the obvious spraying was taking place at an elevation not conducive for contrails to form. Moreover, the spraying could not have been part of an operation to cleanup oil spills, which was what the planes were licensed for.

Upon further investigation of that suspect aeroplane, it was found to be registered with a British company named 2Excel Aviation Broadsword. The company brought over two Boeing 727s (cargo planes) from the U.S. Today, these planes are registered to traverse waterways and spray detergents on oil spills. However, these planes are doing much more than that. For more on the investigation, watch the interview with Drake Michigan on Rumble.”

Article credit to Natural News.

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