All those who call ‘chemtrails’ another conspiracy theory, because each time something that is cognitively dissonant for them is automatically equivalent to a conspiracy theory, then it means that these people have chosen the matrix. Truly, when it comes to chemtrails, all one needs to do is look up, notice, analyze, and observe. He or she will surely be met with concrete answers.

Now here is an article I came across in which “in a recent interview with Drake Michigan host Ant Critchley, an anonymous airline pilot of 34 years spoke about a government chemtrail operation in the United Kingdom. He claims the operation imports transporter aircraft from the U.S. and utilizes multiple shell companies to profit from clandestine experiments in the skies”.

The rest of the article reads:

“The anonymous pilot has flown more than 26 different aircraft types and has worked for the military and on commercial airlines. He once considered chemtrails to be conspiracy theory, but recent experiences have changed his views.

After a detailed investigation, he claims the chemtrailing aircraft operate out of Newquay, Southampton, Stansted, Teesside, Prestwick and Liverpool airports, and spray chemtrails across Cornwall, a county in South West England, as well as the cities of London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester.

The anonymous pilot was first made aware of chemtrails years ago when a first officer brought the matter of geoengineering and weather modification to his attention. At the time, chemtrails sounded like conspiracy theory, but about three years ago, those theories became reality when he took a closer look into a low-flying plane that was leaving behind suspect trails that couldn’t scientifically be contrails. At a meeting with friends in the country, the pilot noticed lines in the sky that ran north to south. The lines were approximately 10 miles long, with 13 shorter two- or three-mile-long lines that traversed one another. The lines stayed for about 40 minutes, creating a squiggly grid of sorts.

The now suspicious pilot contacted one of his colleagues at the local airport. The colleague had access to a surveillance/tracking software called an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). This system relies on aircraft and airport vehicles to broadcast their identity, position and other relevant information from their onboard system. The pilot asked his colleague to identify a potential aeroplane that was flying over the airport at around 12,000 – 13,000 feet, while “doing squiggly lines.” The colleague could not confirm an aeroplane at that altitude, but did identify one at 10,000 feet. Confirming this elevation is important because it determines the difference between the formation of contrails and chemtrails.

Knowing the difference between a contrail and a chemical trail

Contrails, which are essentially just water vapor ice crystals, can only form at about 28,000 feet and at just the right humidity. For every one thousand feet of elevation, the temperature drops about 2 degrees Celsius. At about 37,000 feet, the temperature can be minus 63 degrees Celsius. At about 28,000 feet, the ice crystals form those long-lasting contrails that hover across the sky.

For contrails to form, the humidity of the air also plays a key role. “As the temperature decreases, the parcel of air is less able to hold water vapor [or] water moisture,” the pilot said. At 30,000 odd feet and flying in a dry parcel of air, “I can look in my rear-view camera and I see absolutely nothing coming out of the back of my engines,” the pilot said. “But then I can fly along … and get a little bit of turbulence, just for a split second, and I look at my temperature gauge and it was minus 63 and it’s now minus 64 … I now look back into my camera and I see that I’m contrailing.”

Chemical trails, on the other hand, are dispersed from transport planes at around 10,000 and 12,000 feet. If a plane is flying at this elevation, there should be no contrails or any visible sign of water vapor. However, the plane identified on that day was able to make suspicious grid patterns out of a substance that was coming from the plane, and the obvious spraying was taking place at an elevation not conducive for contrails to form. Moreover, the spraying could not have been part of an operation to cleanup oil spills, which was what the planes were licensed for.

Upon further investigation of that suspect aeroplane, it was found to be registered with a British company named 2Excel Aviation Broadsword. The company brought over two Boeing 727s (cargo planes) from the U.S. Today, these planes are registered to traverse waterways and spray detergents on oil spills. However, these planes are doing much more than that. For more on the investigation, watch the interview with Drake Michigan on Rumble.”

Article credit to Natural News.

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  1. Deborah Sanderson

    A complete load of rubbish. Misinformation designed to fool people who have absolutely no understanding of meteorology or aviation.
    “Contrails, which are essentially just water vapor ice crystals, can only form at about 28,000 feet and at just the right humidity.”
    Wrong. Contrails can form at any altitude, including ground level, if conditions for their production are met. Just the right humidity? Contrails form in almost any relative humidity, but the relative humidity does govern how long a contrail will last for. People often claim contrails disappear in seconds. This is another myth spewed out by people who like to lie and mislead people. Contrails can last for seconds, minutes or many hours. Contrails have been tracked by satellites and have been noted to last for as long as 18 hours. This is where relative humidity is a factor: a relative humidity above 70% will allow contrails to persist for long periods as the air cannot absorb the added condensed water vapour produced by aircraft engines. The contrail remains in the sky, much the same as clouds do, yet no-one questions why a cloud has been there and growing for hours! Although, more people are beginning to question clouds these days. Education seems to be a thing of the past, overtaken by ignorance and the will to accept anything told to people on social media, mostly by anonymous accounts. More scary than that is the fact that people are happy to lie to others about things they, demonstrably, do not understand. Welcome to 2024!!!

    1. Marica Micallef

      Dear Deborah Sanderson, denial is like a credit card. It buys you time, but the bill eventually comes due. When people refuse to see the truth and add in a sprinkle of common sense, with various whistleblowers and researchers and insiders confirming the military and its involvement with chemtrails (I have a series of blogs about the lecture that Dr Nick Begich once gave); when you have not walked down a valley like I did here, every single day, watching them spray and the weather changing overnight, then it is very easy to not understand what the evil world is doing to humanity. When the Truth is out, I will be out there to be judged by the public. And so will others. I wish you a blessed new year.

      1. Deborah Sanderson

        Denial? So, as an atmospheric and aviation expert I should just dismiss all the facts, scientifically proven, verified and verifiable, and repeatable science, and just fall for the chemtrail misinformation? That would be like telling a surgeon to stop believing the heart pumps blood.
        Everything in the inventory of the theory of chemtrails has been debunked, and is easily debunked. Chemtrail believers rely solely on misinformation, lies and parroting whatever they’ve seen on social media. There are no whistleblowers. There has never been a so-called whistleblower with anything like credible information, mostly they make things up, like “Mark” in this article. Funny how they’re always anonymous! Kristen Meghan was another “whistleblower” who fell short of being able to offer any form of credible evidence. In fact she started off as someone with genuine concerns about chemicals stored on military bases. Only when she was hounded for that did she change to talking about “chemtrails” claiming she had done tests (which no-one has ever seen the results of) and doing talks for money. It isn’t difficult to make money saying things to people that they want to hear. I could easily stand up for two hours and talk about “chemtrails” repeating all the same trash I’ve read for years. People would want to believe me, so they would choose to believe me and I would make a lot of money.
        The fact is people are seeing contrails. For anyone with a truly inquisitive mind the information regarding contrails (all 100% verifiable) is out there for anyone to learn.
        “watching them spray and the weather changing overnight” How often do I see that written!!!
        What you see are contrails increasing in longevity and number as a weather front advances. The air in the atmosphere where most aircraft cruise becomes saturated. That means contrails cannot be reabsorbed back into the air so they remain (for many hours) and eventually merge with the increasing cloud, and lowering cloudbase. Look at flight and atmospheric data, and weather charts to see what’s going on. As I said, everything in your sky can be fully explained – every time. The chemtrail theory is ridiculous to anyone who thinks about it for more than a minute, none of it even makes sense. Spraying you from seven miles above your head? Would you spray a fly from ten feet away? That contrail you see will never reach the ground. Even if there was a chemical in that contrail it wouldn’t hit the ground for months, if at all, and even then it would be thousands of miles away from you when it got to ground level.
        I would be happy to answer any, and every question you have regarding what you see in the sky but I suspect you’ve already decided to ditch facts and science in favour of misinformation and cult-like theories.

        1. Marica Micallef

          It seems like you believe the wrong science and so-called facts. But what I have witnessed, together with many others worldwide, is not truth and factual for you. Because you believe all those who do not question the system. The truth won’t be found where you are looking for it. But the truth does not need us to exist. I have started this site with one aim: that of helping the public walk on the path of truth. You do not have to be one of them. And maybe you would like to read the ‘About’ section to get to know what led me to start this site, after contributing on another good local [Maltese] site which is also doing a lot of good. While I thank you for your contribution, I will keep on going head on with God’s guidance, to bring out that which the paid experts debunk but which the critical thinkers have a right to question. Reason and spiritual discernment do not need effort and all those who dispute reality can easily be proven wrong. We wait and see.

  2. Deborah Sanderson

    ” have started this site with one aim: that of helping the public walk on the path of truth. ” Yet all you’re doing, probably unintentionally, is lying to people, feeding them false information.

    Contrails have been highly researched for over 100 years, they are not in question or debatable. Their formation is understood.
    The theory of chemtrails is a silly, immature belief (which is all you have – a belief) in fact most people I speak to are now describing this dangerous departure from reality and education as a cult. Chemtrails is a cult-like belief in something which does not exist. But if you’re happy to claim “God’s guidance” as an excuse to lie to people, then I think that says a lot about you.
    If you want to learn, read the science and then find reasons to dispute it, let me know, but please do not insult someone who is qualified, educated and experienced in these fields by telling me your belief has any foundation, because it doesn’t.

    1. Marica Micallef

      This site has never said that contrails do not exist. I have not insulted anyone. That is your understanding. But when money talks, money talks. I cannot make you believe otherwise. In your hands.

  3. Deborah Sanderson

    Like so many in your cult, you choose to delete my comment instead of attempting any form of grown-up discussion, However, I didn’t expect anything else from someone with a belief without any foundation. But I thought you might like to read some real science, verifiable science, for yourself. Of course I suspect you’ll just take the easy way out and tell me God told you to ignore me.
    Enjoy your cult, have fun lying to people, and good luck with your misinformation, I suspect your god will look down on you with pity.

    1. Marica Micallef

      Your comments have not been deleted as you can check for yourself if you go on the article. They all show as I do with all comments that come through. Your statement “Enjoy your cult, have fun lying to people, and good luck with your misinformation, I suspect your god will look down on you with pity” speaks million words about you. I am glad I do not go down to such levels from the below type but rise above insults.

  4. Deborah Sanderson

    True, you never said contrails didn’t exist, but that’s not the point – you say chemtrails do exist when, clearly, they don’t.
    Although, you must realise that some people in the chemtrail cult do assert that contrails don’t exist! There are so many lies being told regarding contrails. They were first seen in 1915 and have been extensively researched since then. People throughout the years have been complaining about them “covering the sky with cloud” simply because they don’t understand the basic processes involved and why contrails are often seen to be prolific during some meteorological conditions, especially incoming warm fronts which can give you skies littered with persisting contrails.
    But you seem so sure that there are chemtrails because you never once questioned me on anything, so I take it you’re an expert in meteorology and aviation? I also take it you have first-hand knowledge of these aircraft which are ‘spraying’? Or are you just relying on what you’ve read from anonymous sources on the internet?
    Let me tell you, as someone who has been in, on and around thousands of aircraft, and who is fully knowledgable about contrail formation (and why they sometimes don’t form at all) there are no aircraft spraying you. The narrative seems to change; first they were poisoning us with all sorts of chemicals, now they story goes that they’re actually there to change our weather! Plenty of people now claim it’s geoengineering, yet geoengineering hasn’t even started and even if it had you wouldn’t be seeing aircraft making trails as they would be injecting SO2 into the upper atmosphere, much higher than the aircraft you’re watching.
    And yes, I stand by my comments about lying and cults, because anyone who wilfully proffers lies and misinformation is part of the problem!
    “But when money talks, money talks.” This isn’t about anyone’s money! If chemtrails really were a thing then there must be hundreds or thousands of aircraft involved, and tens of thousands of people. Strange how only one or two anonymous so-called whistleblowers have come forward. Funny how no-one working Air Traffic knows about these mysterious aircraft. And the claims of spraying aluminium – that would show up on many radar screens, it could not be kept a secret.
    As I stated earlier, the entire theory is beyond immature and ridiculous and whereas you would be right to question the things you’ve seen (contrails) you are wrong to post misinformation in order to mislead or lie to others, especially when you couldn’t stand up in court and defend your position. I could though.

  5. Cynthia

    Deborah Sanderson, you need a real education. If your an atmospheric and aviation expert, you have missed something. They are spraying barium, strantium, graphene oxide, morgellans, and God only knows what else. Look back. There was a time there were planes flying and no lines in the sky. Do some real research and learn the truth!!!!

    1. Deborah Sanderson

      Thanks Cynthia, but I did get a real education, and by that I don’t mean an ‘education’ from social media users.
      So, real research. You are correct in stating that there are times when aircraft were flying but there were no contrails. You’ll also notice there are also times when there are absolutely no clouds in the sky, or only mid-level clouds with clear blue skies above. Your atmosphere is so variable, the relative humidity (the amount of water the air can hold in vapour (which is invisible) form before condensing into visible (clouds and contrails) varies enormously. At times your atmosphere will be ‘dry’ and there will be no clouds, or maybe only a few low-level clouds visible. But at other times your air will be ‘wet’ or saturated. At these times the added water vapour from aircraft exhaust condenses to form a line-cloud, a contrail, and the relative humidity will determine the contrail’s longevity. For example, a relative humidity (RH) of 6% would often not produce a contrail, or an extremely short one. But if the RH is higher than 70% contrails will form and last for many hours, the longest-lived contrail tracked by satellite was 18 hours!
      You’ll frequently see people using social media stating as fact that “contrails last seconds, chemtrails last longer”, but this is pure fallacy and demonstrably false. Sometimes contrails don’t form at all, sometimes they last seconds, sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. This can be forecast and predicted, and using flight and atmospheric data, the formation of contrails at any time and place can be confirmed.
      Contrails have been widely researched since 1915. As aviation grew, so did contrails. Now we have thousands of flights, mostly flying at altitudes where contrails readily form, so during times with high saturation (often ahead of an incoming weather front for example) you will see skies full of lingering contrails. This is exactly what you should expect in today’s world, contrails are a natural by-product of modern-day aviation. If you’ve ever flown, the chances are your flight was producing contrails.
      There are no aircraft spraying barium etc. that is just pure misinformation which you’ll find all over social media. There is even a video somewhere of a ‘doctor’ stating that aircraft are spraying human plasma!!! The entire chemtrail theory is ridiculous, none of it makes any sense.
      So, as for my ‘real education’ I have a wealth of education and real-world experience in aviation and meteorology. Everything I write here can be independently verified.

      1. Marica Micallef

        Social media paid online whatever…

  6. Deborah Sanderson

    My reason for writing these replies is because I hate you being lied to about a subject I am an expert in. I am also trying to help to stop people lying unintentionally online. I am not paid to do this.
    People are convinced by arguments put forward by people who believe in chemtrails. They are convinced because some of the claims seem to make sense.
    For example, “there were lots of …trails and then it got cloudy and rained all day” The claim being that the contrails caused the weather and therefore were sprayed intentionally by a government or some nasty agency.
    What people don’t understand in this case (and why would they?) is that contrails can become prolific during certain times, especially when a weather front is approaching. The weather front (those red semicircles (warm front) or blue triangles (cold front) seen on weather charts and sometimes on your TV weather forecast) will usually bring a visible change in cloud cover, and an unseen change in the conditions at aircraft cruising altitudes. Those conditions at altitude will change the way the contrails form and appear. The more moist the air, the longer and longer-lived the contrail. You can visible see this happening, and in fact it is a good way to judge conditions at altitude.
    Another claim: “I look at flight tracking and see planes flying back and forward”. They do. People without any knowledge of aviation see this as strange and can only mean something nefarious is happening. Now look at your phone mapping app or a website such as Google maps. You’ll see aerial images – an aerial view of the area. Those images are made by those aircraft flying (often around 6,000 – 12,000ft (varies)) people see on flight tracking software flying backwards and forwards. This is most likely what the author of the misinformation piece you reposted is referring to in this sentence “…aeroplane that was flying over the airport at around 12,000 – 13,000 feet, while “doing squiggly lines.”” You should also note that flights do appear on flight tracking software that show aircraft flying around airports in what might appear strange patterns. These are usually calibration flights. These flights fly patterns around airports to test and calibrate the airport equipment such as Instrument Landing Systems. If you’re flying into an airport in thick cloud you really need your flight to be heading exactly to the runway if you can’t see it. If the systems aren’t working you might find yourself landing somewhere you shouldn’t be, and people tend to die when that happens. So, instrument calibration flights will be seen. Not all flights fly in straight lines from A to B, not all flights are holiday flights.
    There are many misunderstandings when it comes to things people see in the sky, and contrails are widely misunderstood, although the vast majority of people know what they are and take no notice of them. But now we have a sub-set of people who go online to claim things like “they’re poisoning us” “they’re blocking our sunshine”. Neither claims have any foundation whatsoever and have never been, and could never be verified.
    Believe it or not (looking through your website) we are on the same side here! But what we’re finding now are people ditching genuine science and pure physics just because some governments and/or agencies have done some questionable things. And worryingly, people claiming “if they deny it it must be true”. As I said, we’re actually on the same side here but if people keep posting the rubbish about “chemtrails” then they lose any credibility.
    As always, if you have any questions I am more than willing to answer each and every one.

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