Why should Maltese rebels unite and reactivate the Magna Carta Libertatis?

It was on November 13th, 2013 that the Malta Independent published an article titled “Malta’s Magna Carta gives us the right to rebel.” The article talks about the Maltese Magna Carta and what led to its creation.

It is actually called Magna Carta Libertatis, and it was King Alfonse V of Aragon who gave it to Malta on 20th June 1428 which extended the “royal charter in favour of the rights of the Maltese,” where they were also given the right to rebel if they were to lose their status and freedom.

I think it is time for the Maltese rebels to unite and reactivate the Magna Carta Libertatis before it is too late, before they become extinct and pushed to the brink of a mental and emotional collapse with the prison that has been built for them, with the disgusting ‘multiculturalism’ which has been imposed on them, and with the way the beautiful and rural Malta has been denied for them.

Malta belongs to the Maltese people, just like other countries belong to their natives. It is time that we rise up and chuck all those who are corrupting our country so that they not only eat money while the plebs eat concrete, but who are also obeying the agendas of the soulless and heartless puppeteering zombies.

When will the Maltese resort to do mass anti-immigration riots, like the ones that Ireland has witnessed a week ago, for example? For all those readers who are not aware, there was a terrible incident in Dublin a week ago where a knife attack injured five people amongst whom there were three young children involved. This sparked anti-immigration riots in the city centre.

And we wonder. If Africa is so much bigger than Ireland, and Malta, and other European countries, why do Africans have to live in smaller countries? Ah yes, they try to make us swallow it is for a better life.

The Maltese must realise that the traitors of the new world have imploded our countries with open borders. If the Maltese are not going to unite and rebel, in a few years time they become foreigners in their own country. They will become a minority, thanks to the bloody traitors and bloody politicians who obey the bloody traitors.

But if you rebel, you are called a far-right, or dangerous or a racist. The scenario is so ridiculous it wouldn’t even be in a science fiction movie.

This is not a matter of ethnicity anymore. This is a matter of race.

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