While we have our local propaganda machines like the Times of Malta and MEPuppets like Dr Alfred Sant, fearmongering you about climate change because they only find credible those so-called ‘scientists’ who trumpet the climate change agenda, here is top Australian geologist and geoscientist Ian Plimer has discussed the IPCC report warning of a “climate time bomb” with Sky News host Rita Panahi, saying the “green policies promulgated by the UN is killing people”. I wonder why the expert knowledge that Ian Plimer, who is also a scientist, gives, is not found scientific by the mainstream media and the MEPs. Can you have a guess?

Rita Panahi: “The United Nations has dolled up the hysteria with the release of its latest climate change report. The intergovernmental panel on climate change inspired many doom and gloom headlines with their reporting including this from the Guardian. It says the ICCC report makes it clear that no fossil fuel project can be opened. That includes us Australia while the Washington Post wrote our children will never experience a childhood as cool as ours and our childhood wasn’t that cool. While Nine News went with ‘World on Thin Ice as UN climate report gives stark warning’. UN secretary general said that humanity itself is on thin ice and that ice is melting fast. Poetic! And he also urged countries to bring forward their net zero targets to stop and I quote: ‘the climate time bomb’. Let’s see if it scared my next guest, one of our country’s top geoscientists, Ian Plimer. Thank you for joining me. Are you shaking and crying over these doomsday announcements?’

Professor Ian Plimer: “Well, what I’m scared of is the mainstream media uncritically accepting this codswallop. What I’m scared of is these people being given a microphone and talk about total lies. Hurricanes are not increasing. We have data. Sea level is not increasing. In some places it is still decreasing. In other places it is increasing. We’re not having an increase in bushfires. We’re not having an increase in climate deaths. We have a very large data bank showing us the exact opposite. So what these people are doing is sprouting exactly the opposite to what the data tells us. They’re doing it with much more noise. They’re getting the very friendly media like The Guardian, like the mainstream media, saying ‘Oh! We’re all doomed!’ But every single prediction they have ever made has been wrong. And they have been doing this for thirty years. This latest missive was just over thirty pages long. All the science comes much later. So they give us all the scary stuff but they don’t give us their data. And they still haven’t, after thirty years, they still haven’t shown us that human emissions drive global warming.”

Rita Panahi: “So what I don’t understand is, if their predictions aren’t accurate, or if they’re wildly inaccurate, why doesn’t that indent their credibility? Why, you would hope, at times, that the skeptical media would say ‘well five years ago, you said this and this. And none of that happened. And you said this and this and actually the opposite happened. Why do we have the situation where it’s the boy who cried wolf and every single time the crying wolf, works?

Professor Ian Plimer: “It’s a great scary story. We’re all going to die. We’re all doomed. And it’s great for the mainstream media to frighten people. Front page in the newspaper. Lead article on a television program. And people fall for the propaganda. It is just the same as the bulk of Russian citizens as supporters of Putin. They fall for the propaganda. So there’s been a relentless campaign of propaganda for thirty years and the basics haven’t been shown. If you cannot show that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming, then all the arguments about coal, about gas, about hydrocarbon, are then wrong.”

Rita Panahi: “Then what about the moral arguments, for example as far as fossil fuels go, how it will help lift people out of poverty, how it will keep reliable energy is essential for a high standard of living whether we’re talking about the western world or the developing world. Why aren’t those who are critical of the UN making that argument in a moral, impactful manner? Because I think that that would be something that would speak to young people who do care about the damn-trodden, who do care about people in the developing nations.”

Professor Ian Plimer: “Well, morality is not a strong card in the UN’s pack of cards. The morality is simple. We should know from history, that beasts of burden and human muscle were used until we had coal which generated steam and we could get out of that. In our lifetimes, we’ve seen that happening in China. And in my lifetime, I’ve seen the situation where we’ve had cheap, reliable electricity. Now we haven’t. What’s happened? We’ve gone renewable and that is immoral – to have people who are struggling, having to pay far, far more for their electricity bills. And I will not allow Greens or the Union to play the moral card to try to say they are morally superior. They kill people with their policies. And that’s why my latest book was called ‘Green Murder’ because green policies, promulgated by the UN, kill people. And these people know that they’re knowingly killing.

Rita Panahi: “Well, the developing nations is one thing but in Australia we have seen prices go up. We are told that renewables are the cheapest option available though that hasn’t necessarily been..”

Professor Ian Plimer: “Look at your electricity bill.”

Rita Panahi: “It hasn’t been the experience in other parts of the world where the embrace of renewables has been stronger than it has been in Australia. What can we expect to see in short to medium term as far as prices go, as far as reliability goes in this country?”

Professor Ian Plimer: “Well, we’ll see higher prices, higher inflation, and more blackouts and burnouts. If you are going to get rid of cheap, reliable energy like coal, and replace it by putting, ah yes the wind is blowing so we can have the television on tonight. It’s not just going to work.”

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