Tal-Wejter Tower, or Torri tal-Wejter, is found in Dun Filippu Borg Street in Birkirkara. It was constructed by the Order of Saint John in the 1700s, although it was reconstructed after being largely dismantled in the 1960s.

It’s in a really ramshackle state now. Today, this tower is not only buried in a busy street among residential houses, when it should have been left to its glory for tourists who are guided to visit this town and its beautiful churches, but it is in a derelict state.

In a country which depends on tourism to thrive, its historical adornments should be impeccably kept and promoted instead of suffocating the country with hotels which definitely do not elevate the country’s beauty.

How ideal it would have been had this tower been left standing on its own in all its majesty surrounded by a small public garden!

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