“This is the next symbol, and this again is the symbol of the goddess Diana. You’ll see there is the crescent moon and there’s the star. Now the star or stars don’t have to be particular in that particular order. I have seen them where they’re coming down in a straight line here, where they’re going into a curve, and again, like I told you most of the time, if it’s a high priestess, if it’s a symbol of a high priestess, it will be the crescent moon here, and then there would be one, two, three, or four stars hanging off of there, depending on their rank in that particular witchcraft coven.

This one down here at the bottom is a newer symbol, and it’s actually used by what I call the dabblers. You see, there’s two basic facets that I want to actually state here in witchcraft and satanism. And that is that you have the ones that are the elite, and that means those are the planners; in other words, how are we going to get witchcraft into the school system? How are we going to get it into the education system? How are we going to get it into the toys? How are we going to get it into the books? Those are the ones that do the planning. Those are the ones I refer to as being the elite.

Then you have the dangerous ones, and the dangerous ones are considered to be the dabblers. The dabblers are the ones that are going to grab a cat and take it out and on a tombstone somewhere and choke it to death or stab it with a knife, thinking that they’re going to get favoritism from the devil, okay? Those are the dabblers. Those are the ones who are dangerous because those are the ones who are getting the stuff out of a book somewhere, reading it, and then going out and trying it. This particular symbol, this is a symbol of the dabblers. Now this is teenage satanism; right here, this is their symbol [referring to the symbol underneath], and this means the left-hand path. The reason for that is you see that broken arrow there; that’s a break with all parental authority, any kind of authority whatsoever, in that circle, which means they are breaking out of that circle, and they’re following this symbol here, the black path, which is referred to as Satan. This means that you’re breaking away from everything and you’re following the left-hand path. And that’s what that symbol is referred to – the symbol of the left-hand path.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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