“Here is the next one:. The one at the top is a symbol for anarchy, which means that you’re against everything: parental authority, government authority—no matter what it is, you’re against it. The one down here, at the bottom, is an interesting symbol. We’ve all seen the all-seeing eye—the pyramid. Well, this is another symbol for the seal of the Illuminati. It’s a circle within a circle. This circle on the outside is supposed to represent the networks that go about making up the Illuminati, and this circle on the inside is supposed to represent all the men who make up the actual Illuminati itself.

But you may not realize is that the circle in paganism and other cultures has another meaning to it. And that is that it represents the female womb or female fertility. So when you see the circle in other things that have to do with paganism or have to do with witchcraft, you can associate that with feminine spirit power, having to do with fertility rights, having to do with the female womb.

The circle has always been a very powerful symbol; it always has been and always will be until the time that witchcraft no longer exists. Witches use that to represent themselves to other witches, and a lot of times, on a lot of their symbols, what they wear on their hats or they wear on a brooch, will be nothing more than a metallic circle, and that represents them as being witchcraft and also a feminine spirit power. So when you see that, now you know what that means. A circle within a circle, or just the circle itself, as being a very powerful symbol in witchcraft.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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