“The one at the top is the new symbol for the church of Satan. The reason I say new is because Anton Szandor LaVey passed away in 1997 at the age of 67. He had heart problems all the way through his later life. And he passed away and for a while it looked like the church was going to go under and I was getting a kind of excited about that. And they were even on their website, they were soliciting people for money to send it in to try to save the house which was the church. And it didn’t work. And the city of San Francisco wanted to tear it down and build a complex over it. There was a lot of estate money owed on it. And they said that it looked like it was going to go under. Sadly to say, October 31st 1999, Carla LaVey, LaVey’s oldest daughter stepped forward and said ‘I’m going to follow where my father left off. I’m going to take over his estate. I’m going to take over his position’. Deemed herself as the High Priestess of the Church of Satan and now the Church of Satan is alive and well again.

This down here at the bottom, has never been and will never be a symbol for peace. It is a symbol of the Broken Cross. When you’re initiated into Satanism, you’re given a ceramic cross. You are told to turn that cross upside down, take the two points and break them down, symbolizing that there is no God. Also, in any occult book, you’ll find that this is a very powerful symbol used because it’s called The Crow’s Foot when it’s reversed. It’s a spell casting symbol. But you see how subtle Satan got it into our. This came out about the time when the Vietnam war was going on and the flower children and you notice at that time and basically what it was, it was a rebellion against authority. But you know, it was like tune in, tune out, turn on and tune out, to get high. So, that’s what that is actually that symbol. I do not know what that particular symbol, what this new symbol stands for. I have not been able to find that out. A lot of the people that I was in touch with, that I was able to ask, have moved away or I just couldn’t get a hold of them anymore. So, I have my resources, are not around too much. I know that that looks like a symbol for infinity but what that double cross here, unless what that’s exactly what is supposed to mean – a double cross. But I’m not sure exactly what that is.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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