“Here’s the next one. Now this is very interesting. If you see here, there’s the satanic pentagram but this symbol down here actually started out as being a Buddhist symbol. And in Buddhism it meant good luck and prosperity. Now remember that Hitler was a very avid follower of the occult. He was also a very avid follower of one of the most infamous satanists of all time named Aleister Crowley. And Mr Crowley wrote a book called ‘Magick.’ And in that book he said ‘let all initiates of the satanic doctrine do all things backwards.’ Walk backwards, talk backwards, write backwards, and play backwards and that way people will look at you and think you’re either eccentric or just simply insane, let you alone and let you go ahead and do your activities without anybody persecuting you. So Satan has known this for many, many hundreds of years and they’ve been doing things backwards, writing things backwards. Do you want to know if something is of God or not? Reverse it.

Look here. What Hitler did was take that symbol, follow Aleister Crowley and reverse it. And that’s all he did. Simply reverse it and made it mean something else. Again, he was a follower of Aleister Crowley and that’s what Aleister Crowley said to do in his book ‘Magick’.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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