It is important to read carefully what follows because citizens should be informed and prepare for what is ahead. What a shame on the silence of the authorities when they are the ones who are supposed to protect us from all this.

Do you want to know the bomb that will hit us all as from next week while the government and the opposition party are sleeping, when they are supposed to be defending the interests of the Maltese families and who should be speaking on our behalf?

Here is a message that a number of local companies have just received from a Maltese freight company from and to Malta. In a few words, starting from January, the cost of living will get much higher.

If any red fanatic ideologue is happy with the cost of living allowance (COLA) that he will get from the government, it means that he still doesn’t know what hit him. From next week the price of transporting goods from Malta will increase a lot due to the environmental fee imposed by the EU on each country. So this means that Maltese exports will increase in price and will therefore be less competitive in the European market. In other words there will be less sales from Malta abroad and therefore more costs.

From next week the price of transporting goods to Malta will increase a lot due to the same environmental tariff. This means a much higher cost of living especially if the freight companies involved will use this as an excuse which will then have a ripple effect on the consumers. To this one must add the increase of the COLA that the employers/importers pass on to the consumers. This is a perfect storm for an inflation bomb which in a few words it will translate to more poverty and a transfer of wealth from the plebs to the rich.

Dear Maltese citizens, while we embrace ourselves for the storm of inflation that will hit us in 2024, I sincerely hope that the Maltese nation will still find a prosperous way to manage and float through this storm. There is always a solution if we think outside the box and bypass any solution given by the government.

Did anybody say the Great Reset again?

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