Archbishop Vigano on the illegal and clandestine immigration in Italy

Here is a tweet from Archbishop Carlo Vigano about the illegal and clandestine immigration situation in Italy. In English, it reads:

“Discovering that the CEI, through President Zuppi and other fixers, finances the clandestine immigration of Mohammedans, mostly criminals and violent, confirms that the Bergoglian church is totally subservient to Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset.

Italian Catholics will find themselves invaded by new barbarians, their elderly people robbed, their daughters raped, their sons pushed onto the path of drug addiction: all this in the name of inclusion, acceptance, cross-breeding. And they will not only have to thank politicians and rulers, but also their Bishops, who use the offerings of the faithful not to help increasingly poor Italians, but to encourage immigration.

Because if on the one hand the CEI finances the smugglers, on the other it secures a large portion of the lucrative business of the reception centers, financed by the treasury. What more is needed to understand that the corruption and betrayal of the Authority have reached unprecedented levels of arrogance and threat to the safety and very survival of citizens? I urge the faithful not to support parishes and dioceses financially until this scandal is put to an end.”

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