The role of the Deep Church

As long as the hierarchy of the Church was faithful to its mandate, every persecution of anti‐Catholic and revolutionary governments was faced with honor and firmness, often even with the heroism of martyrdom, as in the Vendée, Spain, Mexico, the Soviet Union, and China. But as soon as Vatican II “reset” the hierarchy in a liberal and progressive sense, the hierarchy itself began promoting the secularization of society and the voluntary exclusion of the Church and religion from every sphere of civil life, going so far as to call for the revision of the Concordats.

In the space of a few generations, the Christian civilization that was built thanks to the Catholic Church has been denied and forgotten, to the point of undermining the foundations of the social contract. It is not a question of statistics or numbers – which can also be documented – but of a radical change in society, of the principles that animate its citizens, of the hopes that grandparents and fathers have for future generations. I speak of the ability of our grandparents and parents to give up so many comforts in order to guarantee an education or a home for their children; I speak of the unhinging of the family by means of divorce, the deliberate creation of an economic crisis that makes it impossible to be autonomous, to be able to get married and educate children, to know that civil and religious authority are friends, and not hostile and mutually traitorous.

This has also led generations to progressively but inexorably lose all that legacy of daily behavior, idioms, and habits that were the practical translation of a Catholic’s way of being; an abandonment that was encouraged by those who instilled in citizens and faithful a sense of shame for their past, for their history, traditions, and faith. It is disconcerting that this betrayal has been accomplished without any push back, after having been imposed from above both in the civil sphere and even, in an unprecedented way, in the ecclesial sphere.

The secularity of the State, with which the nations shrug off the Lordship of Christ, constitutes the philosophical and theological basis on which the dissolution of Christian society could be theorized: without it divorce, abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, genetic manipulation, and transhumanism could never have been introduced into national legislation. And this has happened with the decisive support of the Deep Church since the 1960s, and more recently with the total enslavement of the Catholic hierarchy to the 2030 Agenda: as recognized by Msgr. Hector Aguer, former Archbishop of La Plata in Argentina.”

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