Archbishop Viganò on how the Satanic New World Order, Globalism and Freemasonry are destined to fail (4)

How was this possible?

Many in recent years have asked: How was it possible that such a large part of humanity could have consented to all this? If we look back – going back to the 1980s, for example, before high finance decided to attack European nations with the privatization of state assets and with the definitive destruction of society and the family, which had already begun well before – it seems almost impossible that in a short time the enemy could have taken such impressive steps without arousing significant reactions and resistance. And if we listen to the words of those whom Roncalli called prophets of doom, who from the first sessions of Vatican II announced the apostasy to which it would lead, it seems unthinkable that their authoritative alarms could have been ignored and indeed that those who sounded them deserved to be condemned and ostracized by the supreme pastors.

And here we return to fraud, to the adulteration of faith, of morals, of the liturgy, to the  culpable deception of those who, constituted in authority, reveal themselves as enemies of those whom they should instead protect, and friends of those whom they ought to oppose or  convert. The chimera of a brotherhood devoid of the common fatherhood of God is exposed as fraud; the actuosa participatio that has destroyed public worship by Protestantizing it is  fraud; the shared priesthood of the faithful is a fraud, fraudulently insinuated at the council to weaken the hierarchical priesthood; the alleged democratization of the Church is fraud: Her Divine Founder intended Her to be monarchical, something no human authority can ever change; ecumenism is also a fraud, by which the divine majesty is humiliated at the level of prostitution, as Scripture eloquently calls false religions. All the gods of the pagans are demons (Ps  96:5), and the sacrifices of the pagans are made to demons and not to God (1 Cor 10:20).

The correct question

Let’s try to reformulate the question more clearly: “How was it possible that peoples who grew up within the heritage of Greek and Roman thought, in the light of Christian Revelation and the civilization it built, have decided to believe a blatantly false lie, namely that peace, concord, prosperity and happiness far from God is possible? Indeed, openly siding with an enemy whom Christ has already defeated and vanquished?”

On closer inspection, we could have asked Adam and Eve this question as well: “You were in the earthly paradise; you met the Lord and spoke with Him; you had no sickness or death; you had an agile intelligence in learning and understanding; you were not subject to the lust  of the flesh… you had everything, because you had God: well, how could you believe the serpent, who promised you that by disobeying the Lord’s command you would get what you already had? When it was evident that a creeping creature could never compete with the omnipotence of the Creator?”

We find similar promises in the temptations to which Our Lord wanted to submit Himself in the desert: even in that case Satan offers to the master of all things the domains of the earth that already belong to Him, daring to ask Him in return for an idolatrous act of adoration as absurd as it is impossible. All this will be yours, if you fall prostrate and worship me (Lk 4:7). To these absurdities dictated by a mind ensnared and obstinate in the evil will, the Lord responds by quoting Scripture, without even deigning to argue their falsity. Because with the devil there can be no discussion: it is a waste of time. Satan must be cast out and kept away.”

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