The consistency of evil

But as there is a consistency in good, so also there is a consistency in evil; and those actions that we apparently judge not particularly serious – if we do not contextualize them – turn out to be wheels of a gear, perhaps marginal and small, but which allow it to function, and without which something would jam.

That is why evil – which ontologically is a non‐being, an absence of Good – tries to creep into our souls in small steps, obtaining progressive failures, making sure that it does not arouse in us any concern or any remorse; and then grows and expands like a cancer. And where good brings more good, so evil calls forth more evil, getting us used to it, and to all that it attracts.

The infernal plans of the globalist elite – which we have seen to be inherently evil – are also consistent with each other, because they are moved by the adversary’s hatred of Christ. Bill Gates’ project to obscure the sun and vaccinate the world’s population; Soros’ plan to invade Western countries by hordes of Muslims and undermine the natural family by  financing  the woke and LGBT movements; Klaus Schwab’s plan to force us to eat insects or confine ourselves to 15‐minute “smart cities”; Harari’s plan to erase the idea of a transcendent God and compose a “politically correct” Bible;  the plan of the deep state to centralize control of citizens by means of digital ID, electronic money and  the manipulation  of  the vote; Bergoglio’s plan to transform the Church into an agency of the U.N. and the World Economic Forum – none of these are completely separate plans carried out autonomously and without any relationship between them.

In all that has happened in recent decades in a more underground form – and more recently in an obvious way – we can see a mens, an intelligence capable of organizing in a way that appears both infallible and unstoppable. Because we have to admit it: whoever  built  this infernal machine, in which all the gears seem to fit together perfectly, demonstrates a superior, angelic, and indeed, a satanic intelligence.

The apparent victory of the wicked

Our observation of the organizational efficiency of the wicked should not frighten us, nor  make us desist from fighting against their plans. Indeed, I believe that it is precisely this “perfection” in the enemy camp that will end up constituting its own condemnation: Simul stabunt, simul cadent, says the Latin adage – they will either stand or fall together. And it will be exactly so, because the triumph of evil is a fiction, a simulation, merely the staging of a scene, a scene that is based – like everything that comes from Satan – on appearance and lies.

Let’s go back for a moment to Easter of the year A.D. 33. Let us place ourselves among those in Jerusalem who witnessed Jesus’ Crucifixion, after seeing Him perform miracles and  healings. Even on Golgotha, in the absence of the apostles, Lucifer’s staging should have ratified the defeat of the Messiah, the dispersion of His disciples, the consignment of His teaching to oblivion, and the disavowal of His Divinity.

But precisely on the Cross, the instrument of death and infamy, the fate of humanity has been reversed by the one who by the death of the body restored the life of the soul, and who, allowing Himself to be nailed to that wood, nailed hell to it. O mors, ero mors tua. Our  nature, wounded by original sin, finds it difficult to accept the understanding that Christ’s victory is accomplished according to the logic of charity rather than the logic of hatred, and that His victory is all the more inexorable and definitive the more that we His children allow greater room for God to act, and place less trust in human means.”

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