On Saturday, December 9th, the online conference “Is the Pope Catholic?” organized by Dr. Edmund Mazza, featured an array of speakers discussing whether or not Francis is actually the pope. This online event was streamed on YouTube. Archbishop Vigano was among the speakers, and he noted that such a topic has emerged after a decade of “[Bergoglian] horrors” that are “worse than those we have witnessed in the last sixty years.”

He forcefully stated, “Jorge Maria Bergoglio is a false prophet who fits the description of the one spoken of by the prophet Daniel during the time of the final persecution of the Church, to whom no Catholic owes any obedience or collaboration but rather steadfast resistance.”

His Excellency declared, “We are … far beyond heresy. [St. Robert] Bellarmine could never have imagined that an emissary of Freemasonry could go so far as to be elected pope with the purpose of demolishing the Church from within, usurping and abusing the very power of the papacy itself against the papacy. Nor could he have imagined that a hypothetical pope would surpass mere heresy and embrace all-out apostasy.”

“Archbishop Viganò’s 50-minute message (which was cut down, Mazza told LifeSite, to 34 minutes for the stream) is a powerful assessment of the state of the Church today. He also touched on current events in Gaza, calling out the ‘heresy’ of Zionism while mentioning Epstein Island and the ‘blackmail’ Israeli intelligence officials hold over politicians to control them. Ultimately, however, his address served as a response to critics of his statements on the papacy in recent months.”

“We have all sorts of hair-splitting about the distinctions between formal and material heresy, none of which do the least thing to impede Bergoglio’s destructive action,” Viganò, who recently started a house of formation in Italy for future priests, remarked. “We cannot behave as if we were resolving a question of a point of Canon Law. No. The Lord is being outraged, the Church is being humiliated, and souls are being lost because a usurper remains on the throne.

At the same time, he said that “what we cannot do, because we do not have the authority, is to officially declare that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not Pope. The terrible impasse in which we find ourselves makes any human solution impossible.”

mentioning that a “Luciferian intelligence” is at work. 

“We know that John Podesta was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton and Obama – and the globalist elite in general – to promote a ‘colored revolution’ within the Church that was supposed to oust Benedict XVI from the papacy, elect an ultra-progressive pope, and substantially modify the Catholic Magisterium by making it accept the demands of the Agenda 2030: gender equality, the introduction of gender ideology and LGBTQ+ doctrine, the democratization of Church governance, collaboration in the neo-Malthusian project of the Great Reset, cooperation on immigrationism, and cancel culture,” he stated. 

“It seems clear to me that this subversive project has found perfect realization in the appointment of Bergoglio – and I use the word ‘appointment’ deliberately – and that it is confirmed by his consistent pattern of acts of governance and magisterial teaching, both public and private, over the course of this most inauspicious decade.”  

“His heterogeneity to the papacy is now evident and perceived both by the simple faithful as well as by a large part of the clergy, and even by certain fringes of the media,” Viganò recalled during the conference. “The consensus and support for the Argentine Jesuit comes significantly from the ultra-progressive and pro-heretical wing that sponsored his election: all notorious members of the deep church and closely-linked to the homosexual and pedophile lobby of the deep state.”  

“The objection that accusing the ‘reigning Pontiff’ of heresy or apostasy could cause division and scandal is belied by the evidence of the division and scandal that is already widely present in the ecclesial body precisely because of Bergoglio’s heresy and apostasy,” he continued. 

“The intention to harm the Church by acting on behalf of an enemy power is not compatible with the acceptance of the papacy, and there is therefore a defect of consent given by the will of the one elected – confirmed by his words and deeds over the last ten years.” 

Archbishop Vigano said that although many Catholics can see the chaos being sown by the Vatican today, they are not drawing the necessary conclusions. “For them, it is permissible to criticize Bergoglio, but only on the condition that one never criticizes the conciliar idol [Vatican II], the untouchable fetish of the Montinians.”

“Bergoglio’s heresy and apostasy” is “the tip of the iceberg of a much worse and more widespread crisis of the Hierarchy and of the Clergy that began sixty years ago and has now almost reached its peak,” Viganò also explained. Vatican II was “rightly defined by its own architects as ‘the 1789 of the Church.’ John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI did not fail to emphasize how the revolutionary and Masonic principles – liberté, égalité, fraternité – could in some way be shared and made their own by Catholicism.” 

Viganò again reiterated that “we are not dealing with a situation where a pope adheres to one specific heresy (which, moreover, Bergoglio has done repeatedly).” Rather, “no Doctor of the Church has ever contemplated the possibility of an apostate pope or of an election falsified and manipulated by powers avowedly hostile to Christ, because such an enormity could only happen in a unique and extraordinary context such as that of the final persecution foretold by the Prophet Daniel and described by Saint Paul. Our Lord’s admonition videritis abominationem desolationis – when you shall see the abomination of desolation (Mt 24:15) – is to be understood as such precisely because of its absolute uniqueness.” 

The evil powers that be have put up one puppet after the next in order to further crush the faith and our churches.


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