Moviment Graffiti activists have stationed themselves in Mosta earlier this morning, halting the uprooting of the protected Mosta trees. Please note that these trees are protected by the Trees and Woodland Protection Regulations which were made law in 2018.

The movement is also urging people to join them in protest tomorrow.

Andre Callus, “who grew up in Mosta, criticised the ‘pruning,’ emphasising the shock residents felt at the sight.” He said that all Mosta residents were shocked because nobody knew about it.

Of course, they do everything behind the people’s back, without consulting the people who voted for them in the first place. Gvern li jisma’ b’futur għall-Malta aħjar.

Earlier today Moviment Graffiti posted that they were ordered to leave and that the workers are preparing to build a fence so to close the zone.

Are the authorities down to threatening the people? Are matters boiling down to utter control whereby citizens cannot speak their mind? Labour government, have you turned into a communist, authoritarian, totalitarian, kakistocrat?

Then Moviment Graffiti put up another post showing Andre Callus being arrested by the ‘eyes’ of the government, the boys in blue.

Do you see how it works? Politicians bombard you with the green agenda and are eager to fine you and tax you and keep you under communist control so that you fix the environment. But if you protest in favour of the same environment, you are arrested.

Do you see how it works? Politicians and all those in power together with their circle get drunk in corrupt deals, steal money from you but then they are free to roam around enjoying immunity.

Do you know when this will end? When monsieurs Greed, Power and Corruption fear walking down the streets.

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