The peabrain logic behind the uprooting and relocation of Mosta trees

In the world, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. None of these can be applied to the reasoning and logic behind the uprooting and relocation of the once-beautiful Mosta trees.

This decision has caused an uproar across the board, from environmentalists to NGOs to the Faculty of Social Wellbeing.

According to the Times of Malta, “the plan is to move the trees to another area in Mosta, known as Santa Margarita. 

When Times of Malta visited that area on Tuesday morning, workers were chopping down various trees there, to make way for the ficus trees being moved from the square.

Workers told journalists that the trees they were cutting down were ‘sick’.”

Lol. What utter coincidence! So, in order to shut people’s mouth up, they tell you that these old Ficus trees will be pruned, uprooted and transplanted somewhere else, but at the same time they cover up their environmental crime by telling you that these trees will be replaced with other type of trees. Excuse my thinking, but, so what’s the logic behind uprooting a number of trees to plant other trees instead of them?

Oh don’t tell us the usual lie that these trees’ roots were causing or would have caused damage! Because if this is the case, then foreign countries which are blessed with trees in squares, towns, streets and everywhere you look, must surely have a lot of underground damages! Oh, do us a favour and get a life! And won’t the new replacing trees cause or create such a damage!

And excuse my thinking, again! So, other trees are being cut down to make way for the Ficus trees? Are you murdering other trees as well now? Ah yes, coincidentally, they happened to be sick so this sickness came in the right time. And these sick trees happened to be in the place where the Ficus trees need to be relocated. Do us a favour and get a life! This country is clearly infested with idiots who try to sugar-coat their lies because they treat us nothing more than buttheads.

And if we give you the benefit of the doubt and might start thinking that some trees in St Margarita area were sick, couldn’t they be treated? This country lacks trees. This country lacks greenery. In a span of just twenty years, it was turned into an overcrowded sardine tin dropped at the centre of a concrete jungle! Shame on you! My beautiful country is no more!

Why weren’t works carried out in a way that retained the existing, mature trees which is absolutely possible, considering other trees will be planted instead! Why can’t they be kept where they are! But no. Peabrain logic reasons that it is better if they are uprooted and planted instead of other butchered trees, only to be replaced later by new indigenous trees.

In fact, the trees were left in the original plans, right there, to remain a key feature in the newly ’embellished’ square. Stop making up silly stories and squawking about root damage, where there simply isn’t any.

How right was Jeff Dunham to say “I think all the garbage in the world is thanks to a very small handful of idiots.”

But the most important thing is that we go round doing the peafowl dance and telling to the nation that:

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