“His five sons expanded a business. This was to control the economies of nations and thus control the nations. They found a magnificent form that if we could get hold of the nations’ economies, we’ve got the nations. He set with Jacob Frank who wanted the Jews to become non-Jews. He wanted them to become Sabbateans. He wanted them to accept the real Messiah of the Jews – Sabbatai Zevi and incidentally, the second Messiah was Jacob Frank. That’s one of this little three-pointed triangle. That’s one point.

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of something called the Illuminati. What they did was quite simply, was they had to overturn the existing societies and unfortunately for us Jews, they did a real job. Now let me tell you that all of this was banned. Now the story in all the history books is the same thing – that there was just before the French Revolution, a horseman fell in his satchel with the plans for the revolution, in the satchel of the plans for the Illuminati and so forth – it was all banned. Throughout Europe it was banned. And that put Weishaupt, that put Rothschild and to a lesser degree Frank into a problem. What do you do if you’re banned? And they came up with something that has changed history for good.

Weishaupt said well, what we do is we take our tenants and we put them into an organization that has lodges and chapels worldwide and we subvert the existing organization to our tenants. And the organization they chose was the British Freemasonry. Now there was no such thing as a freemasonic conspiracy before the 18th century. As far as I can tell, they were very nice. They were a builders’ guild. They backed builders throughout Europe and they were all right. All of sudden there are revolutions. All of a sudden you have something you never saw before ever. You actually saw talk of one organization upending whole nations.

Now here’s where the Jews fit in. And this is the scary part. You now have a new world. Germany is Sabbateanism. That is where it began. Turkey is Donhem. That’s the home of Sabbatai Zevi. It’s a major player but it’s how it was being shifted. The real players from here on were Germany first, and then London, where there was freedom to expand on their ideas. So now you had the Jews who were no longer Jews, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, they moved from Germany to London. From London their ideas spread all over the world. In America, Solomon Schechter – the Reform Movement. It’s all the same. Germany to London where it spreads to America.

All of a sudden, the Jews have gotten enlightened. Moses Mendelssohn – he wasn’t a Jew. He was born a Jew but he converted. And his children converted, all for the Enlightenment of the Jews. One after the other the Jews were being diluted. They were being whitted down. By the way, this situation that I’ve seen in America is that it worked like a charm. I’m telling you, you want to talk about little bound Jews. This country is really, really except for the Orthodox, really loves its Jewish thinking and heritage and that again: Germany, Solomon Schechter, to London. He gets the money, he gets the packing, he goes to America. Now we’ve got the world’s greatest and this scares you, believe me. I’m not lying to this. I’m very aware of this.”

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