This site has also tackled the topic of animal welfare while pinpointing the shortcomings that the Ministry of Animal Welfare, headed by Anton Refalo, has.

I am an advocate of life, and the life of animals, for me, has no less meaning than that of a human. Since animals are voiceless and at our mercy, their well-being lies in our hands. It is a fact that some abandoned animals that end up in sanctuaries and at the Animal Welfare Shelter need more assistance than others so that they have a better chance of being adopted.

Such is the case of Remi. Remi was abandoned and was found in Siggiewi. The abandonment caused a common trauma in abandoned dogs: separation anxiety. Destructive or self-harming behavior, such as destroying things around them, soiling the house, or even hurting themselves while trying to escape, can be signs of separation anxiety. Additional symptoms include constant panting or salivation, excessive vocalization, and refusal to eat or drink. Needless to say, finding themselves in a new environment (a shelter, a sanctuary, or a pen) surrounded by people they do not know is already uncharted territory for them, so this adds more weight to the trauma of abandonment.

Remi is currently being fostered, but his fosterer cannot keep him anymore, so a long-term foster home is being asked for, or hopefully the right adoptive family is found for him. From my experience after adopting a dog who suffered from separation anxiety, I am sure that with some patience, reassurance, a daily routine, and some training, Remi would understand that he was not going to be abandoned again and his anxiety would disappear.

This is what happens when there is no rehabilitation plan, which works hand-in-hand with the adoption process. In the above case, either Remi is lucky and finds someone who works from home or does not work and is mostly at home, with the hope that even when they are out for an errand, Remi can still feel safe, or else Remi will not be adopted at all.

Although it is very much expected that when one adopts a dog, some training would be needed because that dog needs to get used to your terms and conditions, and thus here I appeal for patience for all those who are looking into adopting a dog, especially a puppy, it is up to the animal welfare ministry to be professional and start working with professional local animal behaviorists, and trainers instead of allowing these dogs to move from one foster home to the next, which is more harmful than beneficial to the dog itself, besides putting all the responsibility onto new adopters and fosterers.

This site hopes that someone out there will open his heart to Remi.

This site is urging anyone who is reading this article to share this blog so that hopefully a home for Remi is found. If you are interested, please contact the Facebook page Rescued is my favourite breed – Lulu Arpa.

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