“So, on that day Jesus taught that better that God damns you to the eternal fires of Gehenna than you lead the lambs astray with false gospel. Do we understand the significance from the very mouth of Jesus?

So, now watch. When I said to Jorge Bergoglio, chief wolf in sheep’s clothing, that for the sake of eternal souls that he is leading astray, that his fall could not happen soon enough. What I said was exactly the same thing as Jesus our Lord taught in the gospel. Now, I can’t expect many Catholics to know and understand that because they haven’t been taught that for well over a hundred years now, according to St. Cardinal John Henry Newman.

So, for all those people out there who complained, or who I call them whiners, who say I want Bergoglio to go to hell, just actually read the gospels repeatedly and grasp the simple truth that what I said is exactly what Jesus taught. But if you don’t know your sacred scriptures, you don’t know and understand what Jesus taught. And you’re just complaining without foundation.

So, let us close with the words of Pope St Pius X who said the exact same thing 100 years ago. And I quote: ‘Let the priests take care not to accept from the liberal any ideas which under the mask of good pretend to reconcile justice with iniquity.’ Now, watch this next part. You’ll love this next part. I actually underlined and highlighted this next part. ‘Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ That’s pope St. Pius X, 100 years ago. ‘Liberal Catholics are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The priests must unveil to their people, their [meaning of the liberal catholics], their perfidious plots their iniquitous design.’ And he said about the priests that did reveal the perfidious plot and iniquitous design, you’ll be called the papal’s clerical retrograde intolerant – what are we hearing out of Rome these days? We make heap specifically attack the American Catholics as being rigid and want to go back in time. We’re not moving forward with Jorge Bergoglio and his agenda.

Well, Pope St Pius X spoke about this 100 years ago: ‘You’ll be called clerical retrograde, intolerant’ but then he said this: ‘But pay no heed to the derision and mockery of the wicked. Have courage. You must never yield nor is there any need to yield. You must go into the attack wholeheartedly not in secret but in public. Not behind barred doors but in the open, in the view of all.’

Out in the open. The truth is out in the open.And let us also close with the words of the great arbishop Fulton Sheen more than 50 years ago. He’s talking to you, my dear family. ‘Who is going to save our church’, he asked the question. ‘Not our bishops. Not our priests. Not the religious. It is up to you, the people’. Because here is what I get, dear family. Oh, who do you think you are, Father Altman? You don’t have authority to say what you say. The venerable archbishop Fulton J Sheen said more than 50 years ago, ‘It’s up to you the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the church. Your mission is to see [I love this] that your priests act like priests. Your bishops act like bishops. And your religious, act like religious.’

And also let us close with the current icon of faith in the Catholic Church, the great Cardinal Sarah, who said the Church is dying because her pastors are afraid to speak in all truth and clarity. We are afraid of the media, afraid of public opinion, afraid of our own brethren.’ But then he has one more line, that talks about how we’re not supposed to not worry about the media or the public or the Judases amongst our brothers. He said ‘But the good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.’

Dear family, it has long past time for a lot more good shepherds besides just the great bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas who’s under attack from none other than Jorge Bergoglio. The one bishop in this country who speaks up and speaks the truth and defends the Catholic faith is nder attack directly by Jorge Bergoglio which only goes to prove that every single word I have said about Jorge Bergoglio is true. Thank you, Jorge Bergoglio for giving me that one on a silver platter. It is long past time for a lot more good shepherds besides the great bishop Strickland to stand up and speak the truth. And as Archbishop Fulton J Sheen said, it’s up to you, dear family, to demand it.

Oh may God give us the strength, the wisdom and the grace to make such a demand. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.’

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