“This is a picture of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is a communist. Nelson Mandela, according to a friend of mine who is from Africa, is also a 33-degree freemason. Dead now, ex-KGB agent. Nelson Mandela was taken around this country, wined and dined in every major city except one, Miami, and now he is a token of friendship, love, and peace for the United States of America.

And here he is, being interviewed by Paul Crouch, Trinity Broadcast Network. Now the interesting thing about Paul Crouch, aside to the fact that he’s a blatant heretic, is he gives Yasser Arafat, here, a masonic handshake. And that can be found in any masonic textbook.

Now you see something is going on here. We’re having a changing of the spiritual nature of the world – a global spirituality says Robert Mueller, changing the world from the inside out says spiritual politics. And as I studied I discovered that maybe what the Illuminati said true.

And in Unholy Alliances I described exactly what the Illuminati planned to do. Adam Weishaupt, his goal to destroy the states of Europe and the church. And how did he intend to do it? He intended to infiltrate a cultic freemasonry, an illuminated freemasonry into the top positions of all the governments of the world, call them Republics and then because they all believed in a universal humanity of religion, they could all come together, destroy the Church and develop a Luciferian worldwide state.

So, I’m not sure if it’s natural but my natural thought was to ask myself a question. If that’s what he intended to do, did he do it? Do we have any proof that freemasonry controls our nation? Is that even possible? We get to vote. We get to choose. We’re free here in this country.

So what I thought is going back to 1836, we had an anti-masonic party in this nation. There were individuals between 1828, 29, 31, 33, who were doing everything in their power to prevent our country from becoming a masonic country. They discovered that freemasons control most of the positions, the political positions of power in the state of New York, the state of Massachusetts, and the state of Pennsylvania. I then found out that the leader of the anti-masonic party in 1833, threw up his hands and said that they already have so much power and control, that they were going to dissolve the anti-masonic party. What that means folks is that for the last 150 years there’s been nothing but freemasons in the political positions of power. You name the political positions in this country. I found out that under Woodrow Wilson, anyone who was Secretary of State, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of the Treasury, Postmaster General Secretary of Labour Department, the Deputy Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and Speaker of the House, all freemasons.

I found out that this just goes on and on and on under the FDR. It went on throughout. I won’t go through it but it’s in Unholy Alliances. In Truman‘s cabinet, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary Defense, Secretary of Commerce, Attorney General, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Secretary of State, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Director of Office of Economic Stabilization, US Secretary of State, Secretary Defense, Director of Defense Mobilisation, and the Supreme Court appointments – freemasons.”

The lecture can be watched here.

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