“At the temple in the United States of America in Washington, D.C., is this picture, this symbol:

the usekh on the chest and the serpent around the neck are symbols of ancient Egypt. Freemasonry carries within its bosom the religion of ancient Egypt. The day that we were there, there were two lamps outside the front door of the temple in Washington and what you see on this lamp if you look very carefully is the head of a goat.

If you don’t believe that that is a goat, if you think that it’s something else, you might want to look at the bottom of the lampstand, because at the bottom, you’ll see quite clearly, we have the hoof of a goat. The point being is freemasons know that they’re the goat.

This map of Washington, D.C., delineates that Washington, D.C., was designed architecturally by Freemasonry, all with Masonic symbolism. Here is the ruler and compass ending at the U.S. Capitol. The two legs are on the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial.

If I turn this way, you’ll see that the house of the temple lies 13 blocks from the White House; it is an inverted five-pointed star with the tip of the pentagram directly on the White House.

The Washington Monument is over here:

We’ll talk about that more. It’s a plane within a circle. This is a different picture of the real McCoy, and here you can actually see the top of the compass coming together in the circle up here.

Now here is the Washington Monument.

You know what the Washington Monument looks like. Every single patriotic picture that you see in this country almost has a picture of the Washington Monument in it. It’s sort of a sign of American patriotism. Well, from where does the Washington Monument come from? It’s a copy of Cleopatra’s needle in Egypt:

You see, basically, what we’re talking about is an Egyptian religion. I don’t have this in acetate form but this is a Christmas card from Pat and Shelley Buchanan which says, ‘May all the joys of this holy season of Christmas be yours.’ Is it a picture of a stable? Is it a picture of the Christ child? Is it a snowy scene? Yes, a snowy scene with the Washington Monument wrapped in ribbon:

Now you ask yourselves the question. You can ask Pat if you like, but the question is, why does anybody send a Christmas card like that?

The lecture can be watched here.

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