Alan Watt on Technocrats and Technetronics (3)

“Now, there’s too much to just talk about this. This is spontaneous, pretty well spontaneous. But there’s so much involved in all this. But here’s the thing: if we go in to the actual talks of some of the top leaders we’ve had, it’s often, we still have in fact the other ones who have died recently, even Zbigniew Brzezinski who again was a technocrat member who was plucked out of a top university and he was put up there in CFR and the trilateral commission. He came out with a very, very, like, proclamations and visions of the future which are very similar to courtesy stuff because they come from the same milieu of how do we run the world, how do we control the public, how can we give the public vision that will be in our own interest, to rule over them, etc etc.

And, even they’ll use democracy and they’ll even use your national military as a pretense of using democracy with it. It has nothing to do with that. It is for gain of course. And then you come back to any reality at all. For instance, here it’s a quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski and it was 1970s from the book ‘Between Two Ages and America’s Role in the Technetronic Era’. What he said was a system, and he mentioned it, where radio waves as an example of different kinds of quiet weaponry could be used across nations and countries including your own one. And they could basically control the minds of the public. Use the emotions of them; make them placid or angry depending on the frequency and things like that. It’s a weapons’ system.

Weapons don’t have to completely disable you or make you bleed or kill you. A weapon is used to coerce you and force you into doing something where they just point at you and tell you what to do or you know, you don’t even know what’s happening to you but it is still a weapon.”

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