“Don’t panic at this stage that you’re waking up. Don’t panic because you’re noticing the little things that you become habituated to are changing. The prices are going through the roof and gasoline prices are going up and down. Mainly two steps up and one back, all the time. It’s meant to be that way. It’s just an agenda we’re living through. Our lives are basically scripted for us (at least the big changes in our lives) long before we were born, in fact.  These boys that run the world have long-range time-tables and they run it like a business plan, with their big projected investments in the future, which always entail the takeovers of other nations and wealth and all resources of the world.

One of the many interlaced organizations that spearheaded this Unification of the Americas is The Council on Foreign Relations, as it is called in the United States. In Canada its sister branch is The Canadian Institute for International Affairs. It’s the same club. All British Commonwealth countries have The Royal Institute for International Affairs and they work in tandem to bring all this about. In Canada, when the three amigos signed their first open part of the amalgamation for public consumption in 2005 in March at Waco, Texas, it was announced on Canadian television that there’d be a few more after this. The second part is to be signed this year in Canada. They mentioned that The Council on Foreign Relations it appeared publicly for the first time under their own banner on mainstream news, said that they drafted the whole thing up themselves. This non-governmental organization had drafted up the amalgamation of the Americas to be signed.

Who gave them the authority to do so? Who voted them into any office over us?

The fact is you see no one did. We don’t have anything called democracy. It’s a joke. It’s a sham for the public. It’s to put the public to sleep thinking they have rights. The feudal system of the Middle Ages is alive and well. They gave democracy for a while just to put everyone asleep and stop them rebelling every four or five years. That’s why they have elections every four or five years.

In the 1600s the surveys they did in Britain showed that if they didn’t give the people rights, there would be a revolution roughly every four or five years. Lo and behold, they came up with this new idea called democracy. However, at least in Britain and the older countries of Europe they have an elite, which they understand are there at all times, and they’re called The Establishment. No one votes The Establishment in. The Establishment are above all laws and rules. They own parts of the world, big parts, big chunks of the world, including the countries they’re based in. You can’t argue with these boys.

Money is the key to it all. Everything in this corrupt system runs on money. I honestly don’t care what kind of money it is or what form it takes, money is the key to help the elite families get to the top and hold power over everyone else. I don’t see any way around it, to be honest with you, a system that wants to keep money, even though they’ve said at the top through their big front writers like Bertrand Russell, eventually the public will be issued credits by the State every week, every Monday and you can’t save up these credits. If you don’t spend them, you start off with the same figure every Monday. If you go against the system, then those credits will be withheld and you can’t buy any food, shelter, or clothing. That will be a form of social control and punishment. This again has been discussed at very high-level meetings over many years by the elite themselves. We will see that introduced once the ID cards come out.  The ID that is to come out in the United States is made by the same firm that’s already done it for Britain.  They announced in Britain last year that the ID card has an active chip, which also will be your banking card.

This is the age that was planned a long time ago, where you won’t be able to buy or sell without a number, and being tracked and all the rest of it, of the beast. The beast is the system itself. We’re at that stage (almost) already without the single ID card. Just over the last ten years, I’ve been astounded at the amount of people you see who have a card for every shop they visit. Everything they buy is being monitored by government agencies.  If you ask them if they know this, they’ll say, yeah, vaguely.  If you ask “does it concern you?, and they’ll say, “no. I have nothing to hide.” You see, there’s no indignation left in them. They have no indignation anymore. They’re happy slaves. They’re being good. Being good means whatever the present laws are or what they’ll become; they will obey automatically. That’s what’s called being good. They think they’re going to be safe if they just keep their heads down and play it being good, and that won’t happen, because if they don’t have indignation, their brains already have been attacked. It’s a natural survival mechanism to want privacy.

People had wars in the past to preserve privacy, because in many times in the past it got to the stage then where Big Government wanted to monitor every person. They wanted to monitor everything you did, and bought and sold, and where you went, who you visited. That’s called a police state, totalitarian state. We’re seeing the exact duplication of the sovietized system being established across the world, as the elite from the west said it would be. They said at their big meetings at the Club of Rome, and their other big clubs that they have in this amalgamation, that they preferred the collectivist system. It was much easier to control vast amounts of population. Back in a few minutes after this.”


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