Here is what Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel told Israel. A reminder that Mari Emmanuel was the Assyrian Australian Metropolitan Bishop of the Ancient Assyrian Church of the East, presiding over the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand. In August 2014, he was suspended by the Patriarch, Addai II (ACE not EO). However, since there was no evidence for accusations he had since returned to the church and remained as metropolitan bishop, according to wikipedia. Nonetheless, in January of 2015, Mari Emmanuel still managed to establish an independent church in Wakeley which is currently known as Christ The Good Shepherd Church. This is how priests and bishops who speak Truth and challenge the narrative are being persecuted.

“By the precious blood of the beloved Son Jesus Christ, that was shed on calvary, and a piece of advice to Israel. People of Israel, you will never find peace. You will never accomplish peace. You will never live peace, until, both Jews and Muslims acknowledge Jesus was crucified on calvary, there will be no peace in Israel, period. Period! Period! Cause the one who gives peace is Jesus of Nazareth. No one else. No one else. No one else. The Jews denied his existence. The Muslims said He was not crucified. But God the Father says my Son was crucified on Golgotha, on Calvary.

Whether you are a believer, whatever religion you seek and you believe in, whether you are an atheist, the only time you will find peace within is when you acknowledge Jesus Christ in your life.”

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  1. Duncan J

    How can you not agree to what he said if you are a Christian?

    1. Marica Micallef

      Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel is admired by many from all walks of life. Even atheists have commented on his sermons, admiring him. There is another speech of him in which he has also warned the Palestinians. I have published that as well.

      This is not about being a Christian agreeing with a Christian. This is about allowing your spirit to guide you to walk with those who are also walking on the path of Truth, considering that we are past the Truth already.

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