What then are the Illuminati’s objectives?

The Illuminati want to establish a New World Order and One World Government, with them at the helm, in order to impose fascism and slavery on the entire planet. This is a long-standing objective of theirs, and in order to fully comprehend it, one must acknowledge that it is not the kind of goal that is meant to be attained in a single lifetime but rather one that must be gradually attained over an extended period of time. But thanks to industrialization and the Information Technology Era, they have made more progress in this direction in the last few decades than they have in hundreds of years.

Their immediate goal is to bring the developed world’s living standards, such as those in the US and Europe, down to a point where the government can more easily maintain control over the populace (you can see this happening already). In order to bring everything into balance, the living standards of the third world countries will rise to the minimal level anticipated for the developed countries. The level of living must be comparable everywhere in order to implement a New World Order. This is happening as you watch.

This objective has been secretly planned within the Secret Societies, out of the public’s sight. The Illuminati owns and controls all secret societies with secret grades of initiation, the most well-known of which may be Freemasonry. Occultists and black magicians are the people in charge of the Illuminati and the societies. Lucifer is their deity. The masses are manipulated and influenced by “The Light Bearer” and their occult practices. As long as they do, it makes no difference whether you and I share this belief or not. And they do it with great seriousness.

Black Magic: The idea that this planet, in actuality, is ruled by Black Magic is exciting because magic is only supposed to exist in books and movies. If someone were to claim that magic actually exists, they would most likely be laughed at. People often wish there was more magic in their lives after watching films like “The Lord of the Rings,” but they are unaware of that magic, in this world, does exist.

Intelligence and mind control have evolved from the occult. They know how to get the teens to dance to their own beat and accept their version of reality because they have taken over the record labels, the movie industry, and the fine arts. When you consider the type of “entertainment” we are compelled to consume, this makes logical. Teens who are forced to listen to music that is frequently of very poor quality are more likely to turn to drugs, violence, apathy, and “robotism”. As we’ll see later, it’s also employed for mind control. The major record labels ignore real quality music in favor of untalented artists. Occultism and Satanism have been propagated through the music industry since Black Sabbath at the start of the 1970s and the Rolling Stones before them. Numerous bands adhered to the same formula, consistently being heavily marketed, distributed, and hard-signed.

The Illuminati also create and control Hollywood, so the same applies there. The goal of the “E.T.” movies, the Doomsday movies, and the disaster movies is to sway our opinions. There have also been popular occult films. They were all done in preparation for the days ahead, and now, these days, are here.

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