“Energy as a weapon and it’s relation to technology: again, if you don’t destroy all the property maybe you don’t have to rebuild but maybe if you don’t go to war in the first place, you don’t have any of these problems. War is becoming too easy. These new technologies make it easier every day when people can sit in the middle of the U.S. and run drones anywhere in the world. The distance between the killing is too far. When our fathers and grandfathers went to war, and they came back from war, they still had the smell of it in their nose. They didn’t want you going there. They did everything they could to avoid it. It’s now become too easy, to kill without that same connection to what you’re doing.

Military personnel can’t really object and they lose their civil rights as they step into that game. But this is a very dangerous situation as we move forward because high technology literally runs the world today.

When you look at metaphor for change and new technology, I use this concept of technologies as an opportunity to really talk about what it takes to empower us to make change. And it really starts with changing ourselves. That’s where it begins. Step up. Do something that you know absolutely you can achieve. We each have the sphere of influence. It may be just our family and a few close friends or it might be a reach in the government. Exercise what you can do, not what you can’t do. Recognize there’s millions of others doing the same. Faith is acting on what you know to be right and true, doing something, changing something. We can all do that and together we can change the world.

Thank you very much.”

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