Dr. Adrian Delia posted a post on his Facebook wall, claiming that he is receiving many calls and messages on a daily basis from Y-plates operators. Dr. Delia adds that the government has created a chaotic situation and that it will bring a lot of Maltese families down on their knees financially.

I can understand Dr. Delia and I am always against anything that causes suffering for the honest, hard-working citizens. And surely I am truly sorry for all those operators who have invested and done everything according to the necessary procedure and process and are now back to square one. When will this government start serving the Maltese hard-working workers who are loyal and honest?

Yet, we must admit, as I have written in another blog while commenting according to insider information from a local insurance company which this site received, there were a lot of irregularities going on in this industry. This country cannot take more cars and this country cannot take more of this disaster of the liberal economy and modus operandi.

Here are some comments from people who commented on Dr. Delia’s post, comments which show mixed arguments:

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