Another year. Another autumn. Another flu season. Same chanting. Same nausea. We sell you vaccines as a ‘cure’.

First, we had the usual Big Pharma’s salesman, who carries the title of ‘Health Minister,’ Chris Fearne, inform us that it is flu vaccine season again and that, as of last Monday, the flu vaccination will start to be given to those people considered to be the most vulnerable. Same keywords. Same sale tactics. The same cohorts are being targeted: those who are over 55 years old, those who suffer from chronic diseases, those who work in the health sector and institutions, and pregnant women. The more your body is not at ease [dis-ease], the more they tell you to vaccinate yourself instead of showing you the true, healthy way to regain your health. And if you are a woman who is carrying the miracle and gift of life inside you, then the target is also that miracle. Don’t you think that they want to eliminate those they regard as weaklings? Don’t you think that they want to have babies whose health is already being damaged through vaccines which is being given to their mothers while they are in their womb? And then we wonder why we have so many children who already suffer from ailments.

As of next week, this vaccine will be available to everyone. This means that those who go for this vaccine and who also took all the vaccines which were sold to them from the start of Covid-19, would be in for the fifth one [possibly more] in three years. I am sure their body is enjoying it to the max.

Now we had another revival and a comeback – that of Profs Charmaine Gauci, the superintendent of public health who entertained us with the lotto draw during Covid-19. And we get to know another detail. According to TVMnews, there are two vaccinations and a person can also choose to take one or the other. One is that against the seasonal flu and one is that against Covid! Again?

Profs Gauci, told TVMnews that vaccination is effective and thus it is possible to avoid the complications that arise both because of Covid and also because of the seasonal flu. She added that people can take both vaccines in the same day: one in one arm and one in the other. A faster way to turn your body into a crushed chewing gum.

Profs Gauci explained that the Covid vaccine, which is always updated, is directed at the type of variant currently in circulation, which although presenting mild symptoms can lead to complications in vulnerable people. She therefore appealed so that no one hesitates to get vaccinated.

The Big Bo-Peeps are calling out again for their sheep instead of leaving them alone to graze in green pastures. They want them to flock the health care centres, dragging their tails behind them. But the Big Bo-Peeps know that their tails have long been left behind them.

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