A few years ago, in 2016, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss was interviewed by journalist Owen Troyer from infowars.com outside Hofstra university situated in Long Island, New York where some protests were taking place.

Protesters had gathered outside Hofstra University, with dozens arrested, ahead of the first presidential debate ahead of the 2016 election. Further information about this can be read here.

Rabbi Weiss was one of these protestors. When he was asked why is he protesting he replied:

“With the help of the Almighty we are actually here to convey a message to both candidates that unfortunately the system is that you have to profess as a candidate support for the occupation of Palestine for the State of Israel. And in so doing, you’re supposedly showing sympathy and friendship for the Jews. We’re out here to tell and plead with the candidates that Judaism is a religion. The Jewish people all around the world are not necessarily supporters of the State of Israel and on the contrary, the very religious views in New York here, right across from Manhattan, the Williamsburg or in Jerusalem, they are anti the occupation, anti-zionist, and we feel that the continuance of the State of Israel has brought rivers of bloodshed, of death, for both the Palestinians and the Jews. It’s a fact. We Jews have lived together with Muslims and Arabs for hundreds of years. Judaism is a religion subservient to God and this whole concept of this Zionist State of Israel, this statehood, is a nationalism, a mere sixty odd years, the concept, the ideology of Zionism behind the state. There’s a hundred ideas and it’s a transformation to nationalism. They simply hijacked the name Judaism. They’ve hijacked the star of David, all our identities, and they’re using it to further an ideology, a cause, that’s flawed, that’s really a selfish and a criminal cause. It has nothing to do with our religion. It has caused the rift between the Jews and the Muslims. It’s a terrible tragedy in the world that brought the repercussions worldwide.

It’s very possible that many of the world conflicts in the Arab and Muslim world that’s going on between the west and the Arab, has its root in the State of Israel, to be the support of the State of Israel. And it’s not an absolute necessity the way people look at it, because people think it’s like the basics; it’s religions, you can’t go against religion. And it’s totally not that. Religions stood way before Zionism, the Jewish Religion, and it’s a newcomer to the black Zionism. It’s the Palestine. It’s a mirror. I can say a hundred odd years. It’s really an intruder and it’s something that is a terrible calamity for Muslims, Arabs and Jews alike.”

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