Times of Malta continues dragging the manipulation tactics around Phylisienne Brincat’s statement. Notice the caption on their opinion article:

The article is written by Danielle Vella and already starts on the wrong foot. Speaking about Brincat, she writes: “The first thing that incensed me is that the TV host who asked Brincat the question appeared to be well aware that she had disturbingly odd and hurtful ideas on the topic.” Dear Danielle, in no way did Brincat mean that people with disabilities are ‘imperfect’. She was not putting the blame on God regarding matters that are incomprehensible and are deemed imperfect in the human eyes.

Dear Danielle, they are not odd. Are you aware that one explanation for birth defects is the existence of a fallen, sinful world? Are you aware that all God’s creation is good but that since it was tainted by sin that began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), all humanity to follow has been under the curse of sin in this world? Though Jesus offers a cure to sin through belief in His name (Romans 5:8), the consequences of fallen humanity continue to be displayed in a variety of ways, including in the youngest members of society. This is one theory and this is what Brincat was referring to. As I have also written in another blog, Brincat was not given the chance to explain herself and clarify, and her weakness was that she did not articulate herself well. This is a theory that is very hard for Christians to understand, and to be fair, it is not explained very well to us. If it holds or not, I do not know because I neither have answers to everything nor am I a theologian. We can never understand, with our human mind, how God works. For those who believe, He does work and does show up.

Dear Danielle, can you then explain why we baptize babies when they are born?

In addition, can you explain why your theoretical explanation is not controversial, with also room for debate and misinterpretation, but that of Brincat was hyped and made fun of? What makes your interpretation correct? Could it be that you are also taking it all out of context?

Dear Danielle, we often simply do not know the specific reasons of how and why a child is born with a birth defect. We just know every child is created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), is loved by Him (John 3:16), and has an important purpose in this life (Jeremiah 1:5). Everything that happens, even the struggles of this life, can serve as part of the Lord’s divine plan to change lives for eternity. But it seems that you deem your interpretation a better one than that of Brincat. So, shouldn’t your point where you are shifting the blame on God, be controversial? But it is fine for Times of Malta to have such an opinion published, but then, Times of Malta, found no scruples in having a field day in manipulating Brincat’s statement. Why don’t you get a life?

It is extremely difficult as humans to accept or understand various matters and as Christians, we are called to be sensitive and loving toward those affected by disability or birth defects, offering whatever help we can in the process. Rather than seeking to explain or claim to know the reasons behind a birth defect, believers are called to both care for those in need as well as to grieve with those who grieve in difficult situations (Romans 12:15).

Times of Malta, this article is another absurd one and is the pinnacle of a grift culture and can we bet that you published it for yet another ulterior motive?

This time, you found no problem in publishing this article and when the mainstream media of the snowflakes publishes something, rest assured that it is not well meant! Oh no, it is not because suddenly the Times has turned Christian and it wants to sound so loving towards God. Far from it! And in no way am I stating that children are not a blessing, whether they are disabled or not, lest I am also misunderstood. Even the food we eat everyday should be seen as a blessing, let alone!

Dear Danielle, did you spend five minutes thinking about what you wrote? Times of Malta, did you understand what you are going to publish? Can you tell me what you meant with the subheading “God intends people with disabilities to be a sign of his works and power”? Are you saying that God is a show-off and He creates people sick on purpose?

Are you saying that God uses His power to make people disabled and you feel blessed? Are you doing a favour to God?

Don’t you realise that this article has taken us from the media’s manipulative articles where it distorted and sensationalized Brincat’s statement to another distorted article, to still make fun of God, of a loving God?

Don’t you realise that this article takes us out of the media’s frying pan to the fire?

Don’t you realise that this article has made atheists and non-Christians have a field day?

Stop digging this hole deeper and get a life!

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