You know that the popolin has been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the media, the political puppets, the institutions and the puppeteers, when you have some snowflakes accusing Phylisienne Brincat of hate speech. Let us not hope she is not yet another victim who will be dragged to court for this non-sensical accusation.

By who was this reported? By Newsbook. Not so much of Christian-like by the Church media, isn’t it, to twist facts and push for an evil agenda? We know that this ‘hate speech’ thing is just the rolling of a totalitarian agenda where no one, including you and me, would be able to voice out any opinion, facts or theories that, according to the puppeteers and their puppets, do not fall into their brainwashing and totalitarian narrative.

Hate speech is not truly hate speech. Hate speech is speech that they hate.

Hate speech will be used as a cause for censorship except for convenience and what is not deemed, according to their agenda, not hate speech.

Newsbook reported that the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability strongly condemned Brincat’s comments, saying that they are completely insulting and that it “is a blatant case of hate speech.”

Irrespective of whether the commission agrees or disagrees, this is not a case of hate speech. Surely, the commission misunderstood Brincat, while Brincat, did not explain herself well. And if anything, this will create a positive outcome as people will get more inclined to defend disabled people.

The Commission also added that Brincat’s statement will only lead to the futher stigmatisation of persons with disability. Excuse me, aren’t we in 2023? Honestly, having grown up in the 80s when disabled people were still kept locked inside, I feel that Malta has come a long way and is very understanding.

I appreciate if the commission does not make a fuss and does not try to further instigate the ‘hate speech’ agenda because this then shows that the commission has been blinded by the agenda.

If you are trying to find hatred in what Phylisienne Brincat uttered, then it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And this also shows that Brincat would be the second open believer of Christ, like Father David Muscat, who will be, if charged so, taken to court. Those who are on the path of the search for worldly truth, know that Fr Muscat’s statement was not hate speech. And so, that of Brincat, is not!

Shame on Newsbook to be pushing for this through its article!

What about charging all those who resorted to calling Brincat all kinds of names in their comments to the media portals’ articles, of ‘hate speech’?

Here is a very good comment by a citizen who explains that even though he also suffered from an illness, he was not offended by Brincat’s statement:

[I had a grievous illness and I understood what she meant. I did not feel offended. The media turned it in a way to make Brincat get misunderstood, so to make people forget and be distracted from more important matters that are going on right now.]

Please, we already had the Gay Pride Pontus, Cyrus Engerer urging the Police commissioner and the Home Affairs Ministry to treat the alleged assault, that took part after the Gozo Pride march on a Saturday, as a hate crime.

We already have a bunch of snowflakes with more snowflakes jumping on board thanks to the manipulative tactics of the media. We do not need more snowflakes.

So, dear Commission and dear anybody else who is pushing for Brincat to be accused of hate speech, stop turning yourselves into snowflakes when you jump on board. So, what do you find all those who have spewned hatred towards Brincat guilty of?

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