“I have published a book about controlling the human mind, I included 250 sources that trace the issue of mind effects going back to the early 1950s when we had returning prisoners of war from Korea and there were really these patriotic kids that had gone over to the prison war and came back and they are handing out communist leaflets on street corners. And then the phrase ‘brainwashing’ came into existence because people became very interested. Our intelligence groups in the United States became very interested in this and they began, starting the fifties and going all the way through today, began to experiment in mind control technologies, the ones that got the most notoriety was the MKULTRA programs, in the 140 sub-programs and so underneath that.

Those were just part of the picture and most of those just showed the use of chemicals and chemical constituents that were being used on servicemen and women among others and other groups of people that were disenfranchised kind of groups of people. They were dealing with minorities. They were dealing with orphans, prisoners, people that really didn’t have strong advocacy. This is in the United States of America, okay, that this stuff happened. The same stuff happened in Nazi Germany. We hung people by the neck by the neck chord. In the U.S. we hid it away. In fact, the guys who set some of the standards for the electromagnetic exposures were actually brought over the United States on Project Paperclip which some of you are familiar with, which is where we recruited all these Nazi Scientists and brought them over to do work for us and the threat was that ‘hey, if you don’t cooperate, guess where you’re being deported to?’ And we all know the story there. We document that again in ‘Angels don’t play this HAARP’ when Jeane and I put that together. That was one of the big shocks for us because the American standards for exposure was 1000 times less stringent than what was going on in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Not saying that everybody was adhering to their own observations but at least they had enough sense to recognise the biological effects, a very low energy dosing and part of that was the way they approach their science.

The first paper I ever did on science was done when I was 19 and it was an analysis or a comparison of compartmentalization – the idea of separating science and breaking it in small parts for security reasons which is what the U.S. did. Very inefficient. Lots of duplication. Lots of waste and really a big miss in terms of what you could gather when you combine sciences which is exactly what the Soviet Union did. They put together people from all different disciplines, put them in a room together to sort of hack their way through science and enlighten each other in the gaps of the holes and their specialties.

When Dr Eastlund* became acquainted with us and it was Jeane interviewing him and he was very cooperative and then after the fact he was like ‘ok you guys surprised me’. We didn’t villainize him because we looked at him as ‘he knows this much. let’s see if we can wake him up to this much of what’s out there in the science’. And he did. And after that and everything he published and every time he spoke to his colleagues he said ‘look, don’t discount your adversaries when people challenge your technology. At least take in their information. Evaluate it as a scientist should and then make judgments because you can’t know everything about every field and sometimes people do bring something to the table that might actually broaden your knowledge.’ He took that as a good lesson as I said. We became friends as things moved on because of that.”

*A reminder that the late Dr Eastlund was the plasma physicist who conceived the project of HAARP “when an oil and gas company had asked him to help find a market for trillions of cubic feet of natural gas on the north slope of Alaska without building pipelines. In the l980s Eastlund came up with a concept that had defense applications—run huge amounts of natural gas through magnetohydrodynamic generators to produce electricity, then run the electricity into a large array of antennae to develop some of the things Begich talked about. Eastlund’s brainchild became HAARP, with a field of 20- meter-high antennas producing radio frequencies. Their output was to be uniquely focused and steered—more like a laser than a flashlight beam. An interaction called cyclotron resonance multiplies the kinetic energy that the beam adds to charged particles in the ionosphere. It could create effects that target missiles or disrupt communications. Many academics have used the HAARP ‘instrument.’ Early developers considered it an opportunity to work with a ‘plasma lab in the sky’—coupling with a part of the natural environment to manipulate energy within that area.”

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