In the saga of the closure of our Animal Hospital, we learn that Anton Refalo and his own permanent secretary cannot get the facts straight between themselves as to why the hospital remains closed.

APH has been closed temporarily since 18th August. The original reason given was because of the ‘extensive damage’ that the hospital suffered due to extensive damage to its equipment sustained from a power surge after a cable had been hit during road works.

Even Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina was informed by the same ministry that the hospital was closed as a result of such damage.

“Enemalta told The Malta Independent that it ‘received a fault report on 18th August at 7 a.m. A team was immediately dispatched to repair an aerial line that had been damaged'” but that the fault was repaired within three hours of the call. And yet, the hospital is still closed to this day.

When “asked why the animal hospital remains closed, Animal Rights’ Ministry Permanent Secretary Sharlo Camilleri acknowledged that the Enemalta works had been completed but told The Malta Independent that the electrical surges that caused the hospitals’ temporary closure had also caused ‘extensive damage’ inside the hospital and that the hospital’s operator must first go through administrative processes, such as insurance consultations, before the hospital can reopen.”

Can you both tell the public the truth? What is causing APH to remain closed? Is it the above-mentioned administrative process or the fact that there is no licensed vet to operate it? Can Anton Refalo and his Permanent Secretary, Sharlo Camilleri, get the facts straight between themselves?

Do they realize that all this has left pet owners and animal NGOs in limbo when it comes to the wellbeing of animals under their care?

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