“50 years in the Church of Rome: the Conversion of a Priest” is “the page turning autobiography of one Charles Chiniquy who was born in Quebec and raised as a Roman Catholic. He became a priest and served as such for 25 or so years. Everywhere he served (various parishes, a hospital, a monastary, Canada, U.S., etc…) he found SIGNIFICANT corruption in Romanism. Ninety plus percent of the priests and bishops were constantly drunk, sleeping with women, involved in sexual affairs with their own close relatives, involved in theft, simony, and all sorts of evil behaviors. Some even murdered others. Chiniquy fought with these bishops and others over the purity of the “church” until eventually he figured out that the Roman Catholic church was not the church of Jesus Christ. At that point, he resigned with most of his congregation (of thousands) from Romanism to form their own independent church. Later, they joined the Presbyterians. In the 1850s, Chiniquy hired Abraham Lincoln to defend him against some corrupt priests and bishops. Lincoln helped him win the day twice. The book claims to prove that the Jesuits were behind the initiation of the U.S. Civil War and Lincoln’s assasination. After reading Chiniquy’s work, even skeptics may believe that he is probably correct about this or at the very least that they (the Jesuits) contributed significantly to the Civil War and to Lincoln’s demise.”

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