As Christians we should not be taking sides but praying for peace. Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel warns both Israel and Palestine: when you chase the world, and imitate the world, there will never be peace

It did not take long for yet another fabricated war to be thrown into the world before people started spreading a lot of information. It is understandable because many are searching for truth amongst fabricated lies. And so is this site.

Some are of the belief that Christians should not support Israel because the Talmudic Jews believe that Christ is boiling in a cauldron pot filled with excrement, urine, and semen. But there are Christian Jews of good faith. Others claim that Judaism is the only religion that follows an elitist tenet with a toxic ideology that only those of a certain bloodline are the ‘chosen ones’ while the rest are slaves.

This site has already dealt with the Talmud, the occult hexagram symbol that Israel has on its flag, the Jewish Cabala or Kabbalah, Zionism, the Mossad, and Semitism. Because evil is evil and cannot be camouflaged. So, I do understand from which point of view they are raising concerns.

Others have decided to side with Palestine because they claim they stand with Jesus or because they post this:

Shouldn’t we be refusing to play their game when we take sides, fuelling the divide and conquer modus operandi? Shouldn’t we be fighting the evil agendas and the establishment which is creating these wars? Shouldn’t we be exposing the truth, while we pray to God for peace all throughout the world?

Surely, when we know there is abuse of power, we have the responsibility and God’s authority to speak up. But please do not take sides. Those who do, have a political agenda. As Christians, we condemn all wars, of whatever type. And we should be praying for all those innocent lives who are not at fault. And be careful of the mainstream media’s usual lies and twists of facts. This is my humble advice, out of respect and love for all humanity.

Here is Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel telling both Israel and Palestine to seek peace:

“By the way, pray for the Israelis and the Palestinians. And I would say our beloved Israelis and Palestinians. Yes, our beloved. We pray for them. What are you fighting for? With all love and respect, I say this to our beloved Jews and Palestinians: with all love and respect. Your problem is one thing. One of you says Ishmael was offered on Mount Mariah and the other side says till this very day it was Isaac, and Isaac only being offered on Mount Mariah by Our Father Abraham. One says Abraham offered Isaac. One says Abraham offered Ishmael but until the day that comes that both of you accept, acknowledge, confess, and profess that it was Jesus Christ the son of the living God who was offered on Mount Mariah there will never be peace. Never. For it is only when God is ruling over our lives, then and then only we shall live in that peace because peace is made possible by Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No other human being. Period. Only God made peace possible by giving His beloved son as the sacrificial lamb of God for the salvation and redemption of the entire world. Until we accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth there is and there will never be peace. Because until the day that comes we receive the beloved Son, the only begotten of His Father, in the flesh. Until we receive Him, we will be chasing this world. And who is the ruler of this world? Satan. What peace? Satan gives you peace? Are you serious? We’re fighting over land. This is my land. The other one says no, it is my land. I was here before you. The other one says no, but my God gave it to me after you. And we keep on fighting on the earthly Jerusalem. But the earthly Jerusalem is only temporary. Until you inherit the heavenly Jerusalem there is no peace. You chase this world, you’re asking for trouble. You chase materialism, you’re asking for trouble. Because the more you chase this world, the more Satan will devour you. That’s why there is no peace. When the Church tries to imitate the world, there is no peace. There is war. There is envy. There is jealousy. There is division.”

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