An important quote from 33° Mason Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Destiny of America” outlines the goal of the New World Order, which is that to have a one world government ruled by ‘a King with supernatural powers’ or the anti-Christ:

“There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has secret destiny.. The outcome of this ‘secret destiny’ is a World Order ruled by a King with supernatural powers. This King was descended of a divine race, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to a family of hereos-perfected human beings.”

The uprising of this Antichrist is a very important part of the plan of the Illuminati. According to research, some state that he is already here and has already revealed himself. Other types of research believe that he has been given publicity since the 70s. Others think that he has been seen in public already with George Bush Sr. among others. Others say that he is being prepared, and that he has not yet revealed himself to nations. He is supposed to be the one whom the Bible refers to as a “man of peace” but in reality, he is a false Messiah. Once he has deceived many and convinced nations of different religions around the world, hence the agenda of the New Age Religion in the New Age Movement, that he is the one that they have been waiting for and that they need, he will turn into an oppressive dictator.

Will this unique moment in history witness a New World Order, having a One World Government with one leader, or One World Dictator, that is, the biblical AntiChrist? If yes, what will his characteristics be?

First, we must attempt to define this terminology. This ‘dictator,’ according to popular belief, is ‘the antichrist,’ because he will direct all of his power against Christ and his followers. The anti-Christian movement is already gaining momentum. He is thought to be a false Christ, false Messiah, or false prophet who, rather than pointing to God the Father, points to Satan as his master.

Another school of thought regards this ‘dictator’ as a ‘anti-God’ rather than a ‘anti-Christ,’ because he is a satanically motivated individual who will lead the world government.

According to the Bilderberg Group, global leadership will be provided by the UN, with some claiming that the EU is merely a pilot scheme for the UN and world government.

Regionalisation goals, particularly the ten political-economic regions proposed by the Club of Rome, appear to give regional governments support for UN leadership in global control.

Then there’s the European model, which proposes that instead of being led by the UN, which has its headquarters in Manhattan, New York, the focus should shift to the European region. Will the European region assume global leadership rather than America? Let’s face it: the European Union is quite controlling and has godless traits. The EU appears to be beneficial on the surface, but we all know that it is not. Will the EU or a similar European system one day wield control, intolerance, and brutality in the manner of ancient Rome?

Can we now identify the ten nations that will support the world dictator if we focus on Europe rather than the global viewpoint of the Club of Rome? Some historians have identified ten historic European nations, three of which vanished around the year 500 A.D.

Others have taken the futurist approach and identified ten European and Middle Eastern countries, plus an eleventh. The nations identified in this context are: the United Kingdom (until 2020), France, Spain, Italy, Germany, as well as Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran. It is worth noting that the first five nations correspond to the western leg of the historic Roman empire, while the last six correspond to the eastern leg of Rome.

What are the origins of this ‘global dictator’? I discovered three connections through my research: Roman, Greek, and Babylon-Nimrod.

Is it possible that the ‘world dictator’ will emerge from within a resurrected Roman empire, that is, from Europe or the Middle East?

Second, does the ‘world dictator’ have Greek ancestry or Hellenistic leanings? Ptolemy (who ruled Egypt), Cassander (who ruled Macedonia and Greece), Lysimachus (who ruled Thrace and Bythinia), and Seleucus Nicator are four historical figures in this scenario (who ruled Syria and Babylonia). At its peak, the Seleucid Empire stretched from Thrace (SE Europe) to India’s border, and it was a major player in Hellenistic (Greek) culture. It included a line of kings called Antiochus. The significant point here is that this despicable Antiochus IV (who reigned from 175 BC to 164 BC) is widely accepted as being the archetype of this ‘world dictator’. So, if Antiochus IV was the archetype, do his ancestry and region of rule reveal anything else about the upcoming “world dictator”? Maybe.

Antiochus ruled the Seleucid Empire and was thus of Greek origin, so much so that when he attacked the Jews, he pursued a zealous Hellenizing policy. He also ruled over Syria and Babylonia, both of which were part of the historic Eastern Roman Empire.

Because the Seleucid Empire spanned Babylonia during Antiochus IV’s reign, we should also consider the spiritual significance of this region. The Roman Empire annexed Babylonia as Mesopotamia, which corresponds to modern-day Iraq. It encompassed ancient Babylon and represented the pinnacle of civilisation under Nimrod. Nimrod conquered the known world, persuaded people to worship him, and then rebelled against God. In fact, the word Nimrod derives from the word’rebel’. He is traditionally regarded as the leader of those who built the Tower of Babel in defiance of God. It’s worth noting that the EU purposefully replicated the unfinished Tower of Babel in the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg. As a result, the world dictator may emerge from ancient Babylonia – modern Iraq.

The line of kings of the Seleucid Empire had the role of ‘king of the north’ which can be applied to Antiochius IV, who ruled Syria and Babylonia. Will the ‘world dictator’ emerge from the Syria-Iraq region?

Lastly, although the world dictator may have Hellenistic leanings, there is another possibility. His background will initially make him acceptable to the returned Jews in Israel since they sign a 7-year-treaty with him. So, he could well be an apostate Jew.

Will the ‘world dictator’ show no regard for the gods of his fathers, since prior to the days of Moses, the Hebrews knew God generally as ‘the God of the Fathers’?

So, where is his throne now? We just have to wait and see.

Can we identify him today?

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