Alan Watt blurb on 6th January 2019:

“I’ve always said you could be careful of what and who you follow, because, you’ve always given your leaders, if they’re wealthy, and become even more wealthy, then it’s a good chance, very good chance, they’ve been groomed, and produced for you and you’re seeing the polished, managed product. Really realize how it is. It’s quite an amazing system we’re living within because there’s never been so control as it is today. Because there’s so many, I mean so many of these stars out there across the world today in every country: polished, managed, who often belong to the same organizations across the world. They are on board with the same things to guide the public that follows them. And for every fractured part of society, whichever you belong to, every little fractured part because they’ve divided society into all kinds of little subgroups. They’ve already got leaders out there for you. It’s quite beautiful in a sense, if, you’re a master manipulative to observe this, that’s what you’re seeing. How it’s done. And it works awefully well, doesn’t it? Where politicians now, really, you’ll notice that with the last U.S. election there with the midterm and other elections across the world, you’re not getting what they can do over their background is what they can do to serve in their public, that pretense is even gone. They’re giving you what’s really a made product. It’s a star type thing – man or woman or whatever it happens to be. Or whether it’s called they’re this or they’re that where is either the proclivity for a particular sexual thing or whatever, that’s like the qualification. What’s going on here? I mean, who cares what they’re doing and know. The fact is can you do the job to serve the public, all the public? That’s not even asked anymore. Because there’s no real pretense. They’re there to serve anybody except themselves and their masters. That’s really how bad it is today.”

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