“Now this idea of earth penetrating tomography in the emf range, within that range, if you think about sort of where our brains are at, in our deepest states of sleep, one to four hertz, delta state where we’re really out cold, theta running approximately four to seven hertz or pulses per second, vibrations per second, this is where you are in that kind of twilight stage between awake and asleep or you’re conscious of your dreams. This is where three to six-year-olds spend most of their time where they confuse the imaginary with the real because this is where they are at and we call them attention deficit disorder. They’re not. This is our normal state of consciousness which is why Europeans are way ahead of the game. They generally don’t start their children in school till around seven which makes sense because then they’re ready for the academic learning. Seven to twelve hertz or pulses per second, the emf arranged that zone. If you’re an athlete or a writer, that creative place, I mean the ideal state of learning is there. And then above that range, the beta ranges, and then further up where you get increasingly more agitated. The higher the frequency goes, what there is and what has been discovered, is controlling the human mind. What they discovered is frequency following response (FFR). FFR is the idea of the brain locking on to an external signal beginning to mirror that signal and essentially locking onto that external signal and these don’t have to be very powerful. They just have to be within the window frequencies that the brain will recognize and then you begin to follow them, consequently your emotional state can be altered or changed on a pretty mass scale.

Now, if you’re near field and you have something near you that has a stronger signal within approximately the same ranges you’ll tend to move that direction versus something else. That’s very weak coming from the ionosphere. But this did exactly what J.F. Macdonald suggested. The emf range could be generated and then this frequency following response created in large segments of population. From my perspective, this became really, really important. And now that everybody has taken my copy of Earth Rising the Revolution,  so I can quote from it as I am walking through this.

The thing that struck me about this and also some more overheads on this but there was a publication called Orienteer. It is a military journal published in Russia. There was an article published there on mind effects that was pretty interesting to me. This was reprinted in the US Army War College quarterly called Perimeters. I believe it was a winner of 1998 but you can look it up. And in the article in the US on the internet, it is called The Mind has no Firewalls. It is a lengthy article but I’m just going to read one quote that kind of puts this into perspective and this is what it says:

“A psychotronic generator produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines, TV radio networks, supply pipes and incandescent lamps. This signal would manipulate the behaviour of those in contact with the signal.”

Then it goes into a bunch of other ideas around the same theme essentially saying that any of these carriers, you could manipulate that signal so that you could create this FFR, this frequency falling response. What’s important, and I’ll put this even in context of politics, and marketing, that that frequency following response is taught in every college that teaches psychology these days. Because they utilise this knowledge. Now this is not restricted, in terms of how you can utilise it. So, something as simple as the flicker rate on a television screen, is sufficient that within twenty to thirty seconds to create that response in most people.”

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