Weather manipulation: Dr Nick Begich on HAARP, over-the horizon radar and mother earth tomography

“The other thing that they could do, if we go back to the other slide:

Some of the things that came out of this were the communications aspects disruption as I mentioned. One of the other things that came out of this was the idea of over-horizon radar where you would need two of these transmitters: one would create a kind of cold plasma so you could kind of energise this area, create a plasma, and then be able to use another array and bounce the signal, go over the horizon to be able to detect incoming objects.

In fact, interestingly enough, this facility was built on over-the-horizon radar location that was originally intended for Alaska. They said the cold war is over, we’re not going to use that anymore, and they built this instead. The reality is that the old over-the horizon in radar technology as objects would come close in, they’d become distorted and difficult to determine what they were and where they were. And, also at low elevations you couldn’t detect anything. This type of technology would get everything from cruise missiles at very high elevations coming in, all the way to assuming cruise missiles at low elevations intercontinental ballistic missile high elevation. The sea cover that all and not get too distorted on the way in. By using enough energy you could actually create a field around those incoming objects that using gamma ray detectors mounted on satellites which is part of that patent cluster. You could then determine which of those incoming ops were carrying nuclear payloads which is really important because when you think about it, nuclear attacks were always thought to be like a hundred thousand incoming objects. Some would carry the real destructive force. The rest would be conventional warheads. But being able to sort those out was a big part of the problem. And so, this offered not only a solution for detection but also a solution to determine which were the real targets, what did you really need to knock out and then if you could increase the power even more, you get a third aspect which is an artificial EMP: an electromagnetic pulse sufficient to knock out these incoming objects. So, that became pretty interesting again from a military perspective and in developing the technology and moving it forward.

The other area that comes in is the over-the-horizon radar, that I mentioned in the patents associated with it, by Ben Eastland which is another application, communication with submarines and earth penetrating tomography and there’s two applications here:

mother earth penetrating to mother earth tomography is again by analogy or comparison it is looking into the earth like x-raying the earth but you’re not using x-rays. You’re using radio frequency energy and what they would do is take the high frequency energy coming off HAARP and pulse it or pump it into the ionosphere and you think about it – think about the frequency being the swing of the hammer and every time you hit the head of the hammer, that’s your pulse rate so pulsing the ionosphere then alters it from DC to essentially AC, it acts as a giant broadcast antenna in the sky and sends back a very long wavelength in the emf range that’s based on the pulse rate and so you’ve got high frequency going in manipulating in such a way that the ionosphere begins to work with you, send an emf signal back to the earth, it penetrates the earth and the sea and that facilitates communication with submarines. Also, a certain amount of that energy is reflected back and with devices on the ground or aircraft traversing the ground relatively closely, you can then determine underground structures, nuclear facilities tunnels, oil and gas deposits, mineral deposits, various kind so that become pretty interesting again to Arco because they were in the oil and gas business at one time. They got later merged with someone else, I believe was ConocoPhillips bought him out on the North Slope and that’s another story for another day.”

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