Weather manipulation: Dr Nick Begich explains how HAARP had the dimension to launch covert wars by hitting a resonance that was able to release huge amounts of energy in the ionosphere

“The other thing that we found is a lot of our colleagues kind of fall by the wayside and where they fall is when they no longer stick to the facts, to the real information and we get a lot of calls ‘well, what about this, what about that.’ You know every time you get a hurricane, an earthquake, I get the call ‘Was it hard?’ And I had to always answer the same way ‘Could be, should be, was it? I don’t know because there’s no independent monitoring of the system. But I’ll read you a quote, this is out of one of my later books, an important quote which comes from the defence secretary William Cohen and it was at a DOD briefing on 27th April, 1997 on a conference of internet on international terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Now this is four years before 9/11 and this was in the DOD news briefing that followed and what he said and I quote “Others engaging even an eco-type of terrorism where they can alter climates, set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves”, now this quote, which is a very powerful statement for a seated secretary defence which attribute to terrorist organisations when you think about it, the idea of stimulating these kinds of events. There’s actually a treaty that forbids us which was signed by the United States in 1977. The treaty was initiated by the former Soviet Union. By the end over 60 countries signed this saying they wouldn’t use environmental manipulation as a weapon of war and yet when Donald Rumsfeld was in the Bush administration, he wanted to abandon that treaty and his rationale was ‘we’ve got these great technologies, now we can launch covert wars, nobody will ever know and we will invite descent for the clean-up’ which is why we see so much speculation. You got very credible people saying it’s possible for terrorist states that are not really known for high science. And yet, here’s the technology today. And HAARP had that dimension for a couple of different reasons. The idea of triggering those kind of events. I mean, think about HAARP in some applications as a primer on a bullet. You know, the primer is a little explosion that ignites the gunpowder which releases the lead and brings it your way. In this case, one of the things they discovered with these ionospheric heaters is that if you pump energy up into the ionosphere, in a very low frequency range, that all the sudden signal when it arrives or amplifies by up to a thousand times, it was discovered at Stanford, they’re trying to figure out what the heck happened. And they hit a certain resonance that was able to capitalize, to release energy, because there’s huge amounts of energy in the ionosphere, to trigger that release of energy. I know this concept about free energy. Well, energy is not free. It’s there. I guess it’s free. One of the things that Ted Stevens said on the floor of the senate when this was originally being funded was ‘We might be able to figure out a way to tap the ionosphere for energy uses.’ And then he was quickly dismissed by the scientists involved in the project which normally, for Ted Stevens, it would have meant the end of their funding, because he didn’t take public embarrassment very well. In this case what he said is ‘We’re not giving you anymore money until you prove this application or penetrating-tomography’ and that was right after the first gulf war with Bush Senior and they wanted to locate underground nuclear facilities and so on.

And the range in which they needed the emf signal was about 20 hertz or 20 pulses per second which happens to correlate to the beta ranges in human brains. I’m going to get into that a little bit.”

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