Is it just a pure coincidence that the Podesta leaked emails, revealed to the public by Wikileaks on 2016, contain countless pizza-related terms like cheese, hotdogs, pasta, and sauce?

In the sex industry, these terms are normally used to mean another type of shocking reality:

In paedophilia jargon, “hotdog” stands for boy, “pizza” stands for girl, “cheese” stands for little girl, “pasta” stands for little boy, “ice cream” stands for “male prostitute”, “walnut” or “nuts” stand for a person of colour, “map” stands for semen and “sauce” stands for orgy.

Are these the reasons why Hillary Clinton had deleted thirty-three thousands emails, for which she was being scrutinised?

Does all this explain what President Barack Obama meant when he ordered $65,000 worth of “hotdogs” and “pizza” flown in from Chicago to the White House, in the middle of the night, for a private party??

Is that why Hillary Clinton had emailed President Obama, warning him that he needed to be more careful the next time? Notice the recipients of the email: Huma Abedin, Barack Obama, John Podesta, B. Affleck and Nancy Pelosi.

Aren’t the statements “Remember that the hotdogs can come but if you make a spectacle out of it, that will be our downfall” and “I think it would be wiser to restrict this activity to our predetermined locations” strange? For a few hotdogs?

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