A UK series dating show called ‘Naked Attraction’ has been quietly added to HBO Max Uncensored, a streaming service, last week.

This is a full-frontal nude dating show that revolves around contestants eliminating potential dates if their naked bodies aren’t up to their standards. The main player is asked to first pass judgment about the contestants’ sexual organ and choose the most she or he likes, while the contestants’ lower body is exposed. Then, as more of the upper parts of the body are slowly exposed for the player to observe and judge, the more the player is asked to choose and eliminate until only two contestants remain. Before the player chooses her or his favourite one, s/he is also judged naked.

Needless to say, you can also have an lgbtiq+ scenario, as you can watch in the linked episode at the end of this blog, during which they also turn propagandist and state that a man can breastfeed too.

Each episode of the six-season series comes with a warning label that states that it is intended only for mature audiences and that viewer discretion is advised since it contains full frontal nudity, coarse language, and graphic discussions about the human body.

This world has sadly turned into a sick one. And if you think about it, you also realize that for many people, it is becoming harder to be in a relationship. This is very sad.

So, since when is being naked on a TV program allowed? Isn’t the message being given that dating and getting attracted to someone are based on a nude body instead of character? Where are the moral values here? Where is morality?

If we have to take the law, doesn’t for example Article 338(q) of the Criminal Code state that any person who “in the harbours, on the seashore or in any other public place, exposes himself naked or is indecently dressed” is committing a minor criminal offense? Isn’t it a criminal offense to expose oneself naked on TV now?

Are we going to dating in reverse?

Isn’t it vulnerable to have people show their naked bodies to a whole TV audience? What about the coarse language and graphic discussions about the human body? What about the passing of comments about the nude bodies? Isn’t this as low as it can get?

It is already enough that we are having boys grow into porn-hubbed zombies. Porn is not real sex, and it is not love either. Not even sex or a nude body is love.

This exemplifies how much sex has become perverted and corrupted in society and how it has corrupted the minds of men and women of all ages.

Shouldn’t love-making be the only sacred way for a man and a woman to unite in body?

An age-restricted episode on youtube can be watched here.

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