The Luciferian Roots of Esoteric Cabala (4)

However, always bear in mind that both light and dark occult still represent, usurply, the God of the Bible. So when Cabalists talk of ascending into heaven, they mean ascending higher than God by taking the light path of Luciferianism. Conversely, descending into hell is the dark path of Satanism.

When you ascend the tree of life, you do this by moving through ten sefirots, each one corresponding to a path of God, since man was made in the image of God, this corresponds to the human anatomy and soul.

If we take the tree of life in the Cabala/Kabbalah, the circle at the top at the centre symbolises God’s head, which is the source of will, wisdom, and understanding.

Below are the symmetrically arranged organs and limbs representing love, power, beauty, eternity, and splendour.

The most unusual part of the diagram contains sensual imagery. The ninth part of God called the foundation is the pro-creative life force of the universe. But according to the sefirot, God also has female components. The final element, often Shekhinah is depicted as the feminine side of God.

They all reject the Christian explanation that the serpent of the Garden of Eden was evil. Instead, there is only knowledge and what you do with it, totally missing the point of the fall of man where the pursuit of absolute knowledge makes us arrogant and self-destructive.

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