The truth is that Ce hristianity is considered an attack on the legal tradition that would later be shaped by the Talmud, and those that embrace this, see it as an affront to their identity and customs.

The Pharisees said there were really two inspiring revelations to the Jews. There was the written law of Moses received on Mount Sinai but there was also the oral tradition acquired by seventy elders who came to the base of the mountain but were forbidden to proceed farther. The Pharisees said that these seventy elders received a much more profound and extensive revelation than Moses, a revelation which was never written down yet took precedent over the written law.

When Jesus came on the scene, hsi reaction was to bitterly denounce this counterfeit tradition. Christ said that the Pharisees, by their tradition, had made the law of God of none effect. It considered the Pharisees the most dangerous leadership that Israel has ever had.

So, we have a legal tradition that the Talmud emerged from Phariseeism. This became the foundation of the Zohar Text which Cabala/Kabbalah is based on and this is the Jewish mysticism that underpins all western, occult traditicame ons in particular. All these traditions are the anti-theses of what became Christianity.

We see this in the Bible, in the way that Jesus fought against the absolute legal authority of those that put their word above God and ultimate natural law.

Christianity was also corrupted by an interpretation that corrupted the original teachings in much the same way that the Jewish priests and rabbis did with the legal tradition.

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