I love it when I write something and then my suspicions are brought alive by an article in the mainstream media.

Just a day after publishing the article of Russell Brand, here is an article by the New York Post, whose headlines tell you:

“Russell Brand begs fans for financial support, says he’s ‘victim of a conspiracy to silence him’ amid police probe”.

I could not help but smile as this sums up the argument that I made in the blog about him: being part of the Establishment, he is first allowed to do his streaming while being followed by millions – he is allowed to be followed by millions. Then he suddenly gets haunted by his past and is involved in a world scandal. The mainstream media is all over the place giving fuel to his story. Then the people who thought that he is there to guide them towards the Truth, will think that he is being targeted so to be silenced. And viola’!! These thoughts are confirmed in yet again another mainstream media article about him. This is the statement that his followers want to hear. So then the masses will think that he is truly on their side because their thoughts are confirmed. Don’t you smell rats?

So now Russell Brand, from moral and emotional support, has turned to financial support. After London’s Metropolitan Police launced a full-scale investigation into the allegations of rape made against him, he has turned to his fans and followers and requested them to fork over $60 annually to become paying subscribers on the video app Rumble, which is not censored and advocates free speech and to which he has moved for his streaming.

Dear Russell Brand, even I had a you tube video with the story of my dad during Covid-19. It was put down and I was neither persecuted nor put in the limelight. Neither did I have millions of followers. I just received an email from you tube stating that the video violated you tube’s community standards. Other people who were not in your position had their you tube videos put down. Why wasn’t it the same procedure with you?

You see, this is the way they keep you in a bandwidth of confusion so you do not know what to believe anymore. Well, truly and actually, we are past the Truth now. And this is why I keep on advising that everybody needs to do their own research. Even my information is just starting a point and I don’t expect people to agree or believe my content. But I do expect people to research and try to put the pieces together for themselves. I might be called a teacher or an awakener but I am truly and merely a servant of God.

It appears that he is in need of money, just like it was the case with the Rock and Oprah during the tragedy of the Maui wildfires. There is not enough money to help others, so they must ask those who are deeply in debt to assist them.

All the people must do is stop giving him importance. They can follow him as much as they want but they would still need to keep the mental antenna up, filter, read between the lines and do more profound research. I have never and will never follow him – a new age establishment guru has no space in my search for the real Truth because now we are in a phase where we have surpassed Truth in a world of nations of sheep run by wolves, owned by pigs.

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